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About this mod

7 New weapons, 2 outfits, 3 neck accessories, 4 Special masks and small lair
A mod that aims to add darkness to your Skyrim!

Permissions and credits

Welcome to Darkness Falls A mod that aims to add darkness to your Skyrim!
From weapons to armor, outfits and other things.

Please endorse to help the project grow. Many thanks.
I highly recommend you track it also.

Some hear the butcher's lair is northeast of Windhelm.

  • Cleaver
  • Meat Splitter
  • Tenderizer
  • Meat Scimitar
  • Double Edge Cleaver
  • The Butcher
  • Steel Hone

  • Blood Lust (Male)
  • Bloody Apron (male for now)
  • Black Hood

  • Guy Fawkes
  • The Butcher
  • Theater masks Happy and sad

Neck Accessories
  • Death Hound Collar / Spikes / Bevor (unisex)
  • Neck Collar With Jewel 4 Colours (female)
  • Bat Amulet With 4 Colours (unisex)

Standard install with a manager or manual drop into the data folder. Simples!

  • Added 3 meaty weapons
  • Moved to BSA
  • Added Guy Fawkes Mask all races (under one of the bridges at Whiterun)
  • Added choice of 1K or 2K textures.
  • Added Meat Scimitar
  • Added Double Edge Cleaver
  • Added The Butcher
  • Added The Butchers Mask
  • Added The Butchers Lair
  • Merged Vampire Goth Accessories
  • Added Death Hound Collar 3 styles - Male / Female - Humanoid neck
  • Added Death Hound Collar 3 styles - Male / Female - Exotic neck
  • Replaced Vanilla Death hound collar (still just fodder)
  • Added Neck Collar x 4 colours - Female
  • Added Bat Amulet x 4 colours - Male / Female
  • Polished cleaver, Splitter, Tenderizer, Double-Edge Cleaver
  • Fixed normal map errors on various models
  • Added The Butchers NPC
  • Added Blood Lust Armor Male
  • Added Blood Lust vampires all over Skyrim
  • Added Hood for masks
  • Added Steel hone weapon
  • Added Theaters masks
  • Added Bloody Apron Male only at this time
  • Added none hat version of Butchers Mask to fit hood

  • Replaced the world model for death hound collar so anything that changes this model could be an issue.

All my own work, Please ask permission for use.

Death Octimus