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I am not good at English.

When you lose all of your health, you return to your home point.
Follower also return to your home point when they lose all of there health. (optional)


  • Bind Affinity - Bind your soul. You can set your home point to your current location.
  • Sacrifice - Sacrifice corpse. Be careful, all item in corpse will lost.
  • Locate Corpse - Find closest corpse. You must into the cell where corpse exists.
  • Summon Corpse - Move closest corpse to you. You must to close enough the corpse.

  • Charm - Control target soul. Cast this to NPC, they will return to home point when they lose all of there health.
  • Resurrection - Resurrect corpse. Cast this to NPC you control, they will revived.
  • Memory Blur - Release target soul. You have lost your control.

If you had played EverQuest, easily to understand.


  1. You are in whiterun.
  2. Use "Bind Affinity" to bind your soul. (home point is whiterun)
  3. Go to dungeon.
  4. (optional) Use "Bind Affinity" to bind your soul. (home point is dungeon entrance)
  5. Explore, hunting.
  6. Oops, you are dead. (No load game, you can continue this game)
  7. (optional) Your corpse will shown. All items are in your corpse.
  8. Hit space-bar, choice "Yes, back", then you will return to whiterun. (or return to entrance)
  9. (optional) You must retrieve your corpse.


  • SKSE
  • SkyUI 5.1


This mod should be compatible with almost anything except mods that do the same thing or remove the essential flag from the player.
List of known incompatible mods:
(I did not test)

  • Mark of Arkay - Death Alternative
  • Death Souls
  • SM Essential Player
  • SexLab Defeat (if Bleedout is enabled)
  • Dragons Souls - Death is Highly Overrated
  • Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life
  • SkyTweak (if Bleedout is enabled in the Scripts page)

I was tested with:

  • Requiem
  • Be with healer


Copy files to Skyrim data directory. start the game and change setting from mcm menu.
You learn new spells automatically. If not, use console or "AddItemMenu".
AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer
At the 1st time you play, your home positon will be set your current location.
You can change your home point anytime, use Bind Affinity spell.


Stop the mod then remove its files (if you don't stop it your character remain essential), Use a Save cleaner to remove scripts from your save file.

I recommend:

Save game script cleaner


If you turn "your corpse" on in MCM menu, your corpse will be create when you dead.
All of your items except quest items are in your corpse.
You SHOULD retrive your corpse quickly, because your corpse will respawn like other remains.

Also you can turn "NPC corpse" on. You should retrive there corpse too.
If you turn "NPC original corpse" on, NPC corpse looks themself.
If you leave cell and come back again, you could not open the corpse anymore.
You must use "OpenActorContainer 1" command in console.
I can not fix this. This options is experimental.

Known bug

Requiem penalty does not affected when you respawn.
I do not know to fix this.

Follower try to do something when they dead.
This does usually happen if you use follower expansion mod.

You will fly the sky when you respawn.
Sometimes respawn position will broke.
I do not know why.

Too many corpses, old one will disabled by game engine.
You can not fix this, please use "Sacrifice" spell, you are the tamriel cleaner.


"NPC back to home point" Option:

Most easy setting is you does not use "Charm" spell, because follower never die.

You use "Charm" spell, and turn this option on, this is normal setting.
If follower die while combat, follower will back to home point,
then come back to your location again.
If you turn "NPC corpse" on, more hard.

You use "Charm" spell and turn this option off, most difficult setting.
If follower die, follower stay current positon. You have chance to resurrect them.
However if you die too, you will back to home point, and you are alone, you have no equipments.
So you have to go to retrive your items and rescue followers. Enjoy!

"Stamina Regeneration" Spell:

I need this because "Requiem" is too hard combat for me.
I always lost almost stamina, it is not fun.

  • You gain 5% of stamina every seconds.
  • If you are not drawn weapon, x1.3 bonus.
  • If you are not moving (keep to stand same location), x1.3 bonus.
  • If you are sneaking, x1.3 bonus.
  • If you are running, x0.5 penalty.
  • If you are sprinting, no gain.


  • No drawn weapon / No moving / Sneaking = 5% * 1.3 * 1.3 * 1.3 = 11%
  • Drawn weapon / Moving / No sneaking = 5% * 0.5 = 2.5%
  • Sprinting = 5% * 0 = 0%

Other Spells for debugger:

Consider - Debug. You can see target's information. (target base, does not work to ghost NPC)
Consider Follower - Debug. You can see NPC information who are contolled. (self target, work to ghost NPC)

Recommended mods

I learned scripting from this.

Mark of Arkay - Death Alternative

You can look around when you are dead. It is fun.

Free Death Camera


    Add option: "What's in the corpse"
    Add spells: "Locate Corpse" "Summon Corpse"
    Fix "Resurrect spell affect to living NPC"
    Fix "NPC keep dying when cast resurrect in some condition"

    Add option: "Player back when dead"
    Fix "You can not handle over 2 more NPCs"
    Fix "Option will not be initialized when upgrade"

    Add option: "Lost gold when dead" "Safe Sacrifice"
    Fix some bug.

    first release.