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Allies the player with the bandits, making everybody else hostile.

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Yep, you heard that right. This is a simple quest which will ally the player with the bandits while also adding them to the werewolf faction. The latter is necessary because adding the player to the bandits faction does not alone cause everybody to go hostile, but werewolf does. Because the player is allied to bandits, they will not target the player just because they’re in the werewolf faction. Note that the player does not actually turn into a werewolf, it’s just a hack to turn everyone red.

A book is spawned into the player’s inventory, reading it will teach an unusable spell which triggers the quest. The game must be saved and reloaded for this to take effect. There is not actually a proper quest, it’s just a means to forcing the player factions. Therefore, for an existing save game nothing will happen unless the book is used.

The main download includes a quickstart which spawns the player at the end of the Helgen dungeon with the race menu appearing, although the prompt to select the Imperials or Stormcloaks has been removed because there’s really no point in trying to talk to people who are waving a weapon about your head. Suffice to say, the main questline is effectively broken by design. Note that the book does not spawn in the inventory if you start a new game, this would be unnecessary because the player is already a bandit - the quest never starts, it simply doesn’t need to.

If you decide to revert the factions you can enter StopQuest PlayerBandit into the console and then save, this actually must be done prior to uninstalling should you wish to. You can also use StartQuest to enable it again (NPCs might remain hostile although you can usually avoid this by leaving the area, hiding for a short while or using the TDetect command until they forget about you). This obviously doesn’t apply to the quickstart, you can’t revert it because there is no such quest, although you could by all means use the console to remove yourself from those factions.

I have absolutely no idea if this will conflict with actual werewolf quests - switching back from a werewolf for real I think will indeed stop people from being hostile, although this can be mitigated by restarting the player bandit quest or manually adding yourself to the werewolf faction.

I might, although I offer absolutely no guarantees whatsoever, look into proper quests. So I could maybe direct the player to a bandit, do some quests for him and be recruited (similar to the Companions quests I suppose). Then there could be side-quests so that the player has something interesting to do, things like infiltrating a hold and killing their jarl. It sounds like a lot of work though, but I’d love to see it.

I intend to look at the bounty system in more detail. The reason for this is to see how this mod might interact with Populated Lands - I for one have so far been ambushed a few times by bounty hunters and militia so it offers me some interesting ideas. Note that the current changes to (or rather, the removal of) the bounty system are necessary until I figure out a better way to do it, this is because guards would otherwise persistently attempt to arrest you during combat if you have a bounty.

Another mod I recommend with this is Run For Your Lives because civilians should then run away from you.

While not required, this is compatible with Legendary Edition. It should be compatible with everything so long as something else doesn’t alter the player’s faction or the bounty system. This does not include any custom scripts.