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Here I hope its Okay! 

Link to unp meshes:
something has always bothered has always bothered me about this outfit...and i'm assuming i'm not the only one...what am I taking about you ask..the god damn Hello kitty logo as well as all other logos on the outfit's! I have also darkened all of the clothing pieces...because lets be honest...wearing a bight pink jacket in Skyrim is far from immersive, even when considering my fragile standards of lore friendliness.
Required files
Any body that supports unp textures unp,uunp,Bamfta ect.
Personally I recommend Bamfta...but its up to you although if you are not using this body make sure to run body slide before use!!!

gutris1 for the skyrim conversion!
ThisMalkavian for the original fnv mod!
for the bodyslide files!
Izumiko for the top! (I apologise for not creating a link for Izumiko I am currently away from home and apparently I can't link their name on my phone...)