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Adaptation of Custom Races on use of Requiem – The Roleplaying Overhaul version and older version of 1.9.x. Starting characteristics and abilities are identical to the present characteristics and abilities of some default races in Requiem.

Permissions and credits
Description for Custom Races for Requiem:
Adaptation of Custom Races on use of Requiem – The Roleplaying Overhaul version and older version of 1.9.x.
Starting characteristics and abilities are identical to the present characteristics and abilities of some default races in Requiem.
Renamed races in Custom Races – for instance– “Custom Nord” is now “Lonesome Nord” and so on.
Races from Custom Races are added in the corresponding original Head Parts Lists, for the option to add races from Custom Races when creating/editing NPCs in the Creation Kit (Instructions down below).
Requiem and Reqtificator both don´t showthe warning of incompatible races anymore.
The CustomRaces.esp does not need to bepatched with the Requiem patch. The change of race is possible during gameplay with Requiem (Follow the instructions here:
Description for Custom Races :
Custom races allows the use of anon-standard Body and textures only for the main character, not using them on the rest of the characters whilst saving the characteristics and features of the original race and original inter-race relations in the game.
You can also safely experiment with different bodies and textures without changing the game’s original files.
All textures and bodies that use the standard path and names for meshes and textures are compatible – for instance: CBBE, UNP, Better Males, Vitruvia, Fair Skin, SG Female Textures and so an. For a current 2015 list look up the Custom Races page on the Nexus.
Skyrim LE;
RaceCompatability for Skyrim and Dawnguard
Requiem – The Roleplaying Overhaul
Unpack thearchive into
…\InstallSkyrim Directory\Data\ .
For the Mod Organizer:
 …\ ModOrganizer\mods\ Custom Races\
EanableCustomRaces.esp after RaceCompatibility.esm,Requiem.esp and Requiem - Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp (if it exists).


Requiem -Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp (if it exists)



  • Installation of bodies and textures:
1.      Copy themeshes for replacement into -
…Skyrim Install Directory\Data\ meshes\CustomRaces\*The race you want touse*
For the ModOrganizer:
…\ ModOrganizer\mods\ Custom Races\meshes\CustomRaces\*The race you want to use*
2.      Copy thetextures for replacement into –
…Skyrim Install Directory\Data\textures\CustomRaces\*The race you want to use*
For the ModOrganizer:
…\ ModOrganizer\mods\ Custom Races\textures\CustomRaces\*The race you want to use*
Don’t delete any files from the destination directory!- Only copy and replace!
For example with CBBE Slim and custom Nord:
1.      Copy thefiles from -
…\CBBE\00 Required(Slim)\meshes\actors\character\character assets\
2.      Copy andreplace into –
…Skyrim Install Directory\Data\ meshes\CustomRaces\CustomNord\
3.      Copy thefiles from -
…\CBBE\00 Required (Slim)\textures\actors\character\female\
4.      Copy andreplace into –
…Skyrim Install Directory\Data\ textures\CustomRaces\CustomNord\
If you use other textures for CBBE then copy andreplace the appropriate files from the mod.
When using XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended:
Copy and paste skeleton.nif, skeleton.hkx,skeleton_female.nif, skeleton_female.hkx from the appropriateXP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended meshes into
…Skyrim Install Directory\Data\meshes\CustomRaces\CustomNord\
Somewhat like this for other supported bodies and textures and otherraces from Custom Races.
For different races you can use different bodies and textures.
  • The choosing of races:
On the start of the game- just select the needed race(with the prefix “Lonesome”).
When changing the race in-game for experimentalpurposes with bodies/textures use the console command: showracemenu
If you want to change the race in game with savedprogress and available characteristics – save the game and follow the
instructions under  -
Load the saved game, that you used before changingyour race, before changing the race in the game or change your race to a race
not created by Custom Races, by following the above-mentioned instructions.
Save your game in a new slot.
Delete the things listed below:
Preparations for the files for use of CustomRaces.esp in the CreationKit:
We’regoing to use Tes5Edit :
1.      LaunchTes5Edit (For users of Moder Organizer, launch it through that).
2.      Rightclick -> “Select None” .
3.      CheckRequiem.esp, Requiem - Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp (if it exists), CustomRaces.esp. -> “OK” -> Wait for the mods to load.
4.      UnfoldCustomRaces.esp (LMB on the “+”) and now go to the “File Header” section.
5.      On theright window, right-click on the “Records Flag”   -> “Edit”.
6.      On theappearing window, after a few seconds, “Yes I’m absolutely sure”.
7.      CheckESM.  -> “OK”.
8.      Repeatpoints 4 – 7 for Requiem.esp, Requiem - Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp
9.      CloseTes5Edit. Agree on saving changes.
Dont change the extension! Keep it at *.esp!
10.  PutRequiem.esp, Requiem - Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp (If it exists),
CustomRaces.esp in the end of the “.esm” block of files as mentioned above.

11.  Open theCreation Kit, mark CustomRaces.esp and the mod responsible for NPCs (Make it
active) or create a new one. Use the races from Custom Races, for the creation/editing
of unique NPCs.
Intructions with pictures are included in the mod-archive as a PDF file.
Bethesda – for TES;
TheRequiem Dungeon Masters – for Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul;
d_rail  - for Custom Races