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A scroll crafting system that adapts to your load order. Ever wanted to have scroll versions of all those crazy Apocalypse or Phenderix spells? Now you got 'em!

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Because you don't need mana when you have paper. And a gem or two.
Ever wanted to roleplay a Paladin? A Cleric or Monk? Maybe a Bard or another hybrid who enhances his combat skills with magic?
No of course you didn't because magic is useless unless you dump a ton of stats into Magicka and perks into the spell schools.
Scrolls are the obvious solution to this problem but obtaining them in decent quantities is impossible,
let alone obtaining ones you actually NEED. This mod aims to solve this problem by adding proper scroll crafting into the game.

What? Yet ANOTHER "scroll crafting" mod? Nobody even uses these because scrolls suck.

Essentially yes. This mod allows you to craft spell scrolls. But what makes ScrollScribe different from the alternatives is the fact that it allows
you to put EVERY spell on paper! And when I say EVERY, I do mean it.
Spellscribe does not rely on pre-existing scrolls or manual conversion of hundreds of mod-added spells and creation of patches for every
modpack (ain't nobody got time for that).
Instead, we use the power of Tes5Edit scripts to create a patch that will convert any and all spells from our load order into a craftable scroll!
If you aren't familiar with Tes5Edit scripts: Think SkyProc, but better.

Well, theoretically we could do that but in practice that would be a very bad idea, as the majority of "spells" aren't actual spells the player 
can learn through normal means, let alone cast them for a useful effect. To keep things from going crazy there are limitations.

Spells that will be converted:
Every spell that can be learned through a Spell Book (yes concentration spells too!)
Warning: Some mods add spell tomes that teach utility/debug spells (like AddItemMenu). If you don't want scroll version of those spells
to show up you need to disable those mods before generating your patch. 
Leaving them in won't do any harm but it's definitely gonna ruin your IMMERSION.

Spells that won't be converted:
Everything that can't be learned through a Spell Book

The features (so far)
- creates craftable scrolls of all learnable spells
- adapts to your load order and is compatible with every spell package mod 
- crafting requires knowing the spell (this is to prevent funny interactions with some mod added spells)
- simplified and user-friendly crafting system with the option to filter out unwanted scrolls from the menu

- master-level scrolls allow you to act while casting them when used from the left hand (it's a feature not a bug)
- scrolls of concentration spells open up new gameplay options like allowing dual wielding characters to combat mages by using a Ward scroll
- scrolls grow stronger with your Inscription experience which is gained through crafting
- don't like the default balancing? adjust it to your liking in the MCM

Coming soon
- a minor perk/talent tree to allow for specialization
- distribution into leveled lists so you can find all new scrolls out in the world

Use Scroll Enchanter in Farengar's study (to be honest that one is just for decoration) or just use the Scroll Crafting power that you
automagically get after installing and loading your game

All scrolls require just two ingredients:
1 Roll of Paper
Arcane Dust

What's Arcane Dust? It's a new item will automatically be extracted from empty Soul Gems in your inventory during the crafting process.
Rolls of Paper will also be extracted from Burned and Ruined Books in the same way.
This keeps crafting simple and removes the need for micromanaging Soul Gems and searching for Paper, which is surprisingly rare.

To avoid misunderstanding, here's how it works in detail: When you start crafting, all your empty gems will be turned to dust and books to paper
at a ratio that you can adjust yourself. When you leave the crafting menu, all remaining Dust and Paper will be returned back as the Gem or Book
it came from, assuming you have enough left to fully restore the item, otherwise you just get the leftover items. An illustration:

Smaller gems will be expended first so valuable Soul Gems will be preserved until you actually have to use their dust.

Requires SKSE and SkyUI

1. Download and extract mod into Data folder as per usual / use your mod manager
2. Download and extract/install Tes5Edit somewhere
3. Copy "Edit Scripts" folder from this mod into Tes5Edit's installation directory, overwrite if asked
4. Run Tes5Edit (if using MO, run it through MO) on your load order and wait until it's done loading (hold Shift on file selection to speed it up)
5. Right click on the left pane and select "Apply Script"
6. Select "SCRIBE_GENERATE_SCROLLS" from the drop-down and hit OK, then choose a name for the patch file
7. Wait for "Learnable spells converted: x" message and pray it doesn't throw an error
8. Close Tes5Edit and save changes to your generated patch
9. Activate the generated patch .esp !NOTHING WORKS WITHOUT THE PATCH!
10. Play

Overwrite existing files with new version
Generating a new patch isn't necessary unless explicitly stated in the file description.
When generating a new patch, first delete the old one and choose the same name for your new patch.

Remove installed files

This mod is safe to remove at any point. All that will happen is your crafted scrolls will disappear.
There are no continuously running scripts. Orphaned scripts and script instances in your save file are harmless.

As of version 1.2 the mod uses the Actor Value "Variable09" and will be incompatible with any other mod that uses it (none known to me).
Other than that this mod should be compatible with everything.

Closing comments
This is my first real attempt at a mod. Bugs and balance issues will crop up and I will attempt to fix them. The balancing will require user input.
My ultimate goal with this is to improve the spell scroll system and give people who enjoy the concept (like myself) a better experience.
Feedback encouraged.
Thank you.