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Lilly the Rabbit

Lilly got her name as a child playing hide and seek where she could slip into small places and not be found.

As she grew older, all her friends still call her Rabbit.

But that's not what Lilly is about, you see. She is a combat sneak thief. All her friends thought she was a bit daft sneaking around, picking locks and making off with a few fruits and vegetables.

But that didn't stop Lilly, life was getting easy and better with her skills and the others started to take notice.
Except for one thing.......

No one knows what it is.

Blonde hair version, not available.

Location: Dawnstar, Windpeak Inn
Voice type: Young Eager
Outfit: Vanilla thief

Credits: MikaneyesAIO, SG eyebrows, KS hairdo's

Lilly The Rabbit is exclusive to me and want to keep it that way. No permissions. Thanks.