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    July 2018 Anniversary Update: Hello to my SMIM friends! It has been almost a year of being married to my wonderful wife and almost a year of no SMIM updates. So I've finally put in some time to update SMIM again to version 2.08. A few good things here. Raven Rock now has fancy 3D ropes! And the Imperial Jail meshes now have proper collision, so you can shoot prisoners through the bars if you're so inclined!

    It's been nearly a year since the last update...so I hope I didn't break this release. Please let me know if anything doesn't work.

    Donations: Thank you per usual to those who continue to donate a few dollars here and there. This is part of the reason I forced myself back here to update SMIM. It's SO much work, but I love SMIM and you!

    I can't take time to read many comments...but please do message me if some critical bug or issue arises. I can't promise SMIM will see another update...but we'll see how life goes. Best wishes to you all!

    Shameless Reviews Plug: I recently began writing reviews for the Dark Side of Gaming website. If you want to support me, click on over to the Vampyr or Anima reviews, and be sure to watch that site for more reviews from me! Thanks!
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    The amount of difference I see in the game is phenomenal. It may be years later, but well done.
  3. GrandLigerZero
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    So I tried uninstalling and I'm left with a SMIM -SE-Merged-all.esp? Why is it still there?
  4. FilipeHeringer
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    Im having problems in caves. The ropes there are full of purple triangules surroudind them. I cant understand why. the textures are fine and i have no bugs with my game, no CTD, no loading problems, no broken quests.... just this visual bug. Someone could give me a little help?
    1. WsElite
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      that mean something is missing in your texture file. try to re download the file again
  5. iwantimmersion
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    When I download and try to install, it says, None of the available installer plugins were able to handle that archive. I'm using legacy MO because its the only way I can us MO, my MO2 wont allow me to login to Nexus so I dont use it.
  6. darksiosa1200
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    Dawnguard dlc friendly?>?
  7. Andrew21022
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    I do love this mod,but my game stated to crash in different locations(for example <druadach redoubt> location forced my game to crash each time i tryed to enter it) after instalation i spent days trying to locate the problem. In my case problem was solved after deletion dwemer convector mesh.Maybe it has some kind of colission trouble,cant say for sure,but after that everything turned back to normal
  8. Daudsknife
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    Ayo Sis every time I manual download the file and try to install it to vortex, it says file is corrupt and cannot be opened. Then when I tried to manual install, it ccannot be opened due to being corrupted. Everything alright with the file?
  9. superstevemii
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    It won't let me download this file. "This file cannot be downloaded yet" any ideas?
  10. CJWeller0
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    I'm having an issue with hanging rabbits missing textures, is there a fix for that?
  11. kittypillar
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    Bless you, Brumbek!