Mod articles

  • This Little SMIM Lantern of Mine

    Over the months I’ve received several requests to SMIM the lantern, but I’ve resisted because it would require what I like to call “actual work”. Some meshes are easy to SMIMify but other meshes must be totally expunged. The lantern is the latter case.

    Then again, the lantern offers a great opportunity to let SMIM really shine (inadvertent pun FTW), since unlike the original developers I’m not bound by unrealistic deadlines, garbage console limitations, or societal mores.

    In this article I will briefly describe the process I used to create the SMIM lantern. Hopefully some of you may find it fascinating. Stop reading if you don’t care about all this behind-the-scenes alchemy. First, I needed to find a source photograph to guide my modeling. After some G...

  • SMIM Version 1.27: Drink Up Edition

    Hello friends! Brumbek has returned. Sometimes life takes us strange places and we don’t update SMIM as much as we’d like. That’s what my last fortune cookie said, at least. But never fear. I have plans for 2013, to SMIM more for honor and glory and round edges!

    I now present a minor update that packs a big punch. The dreaded ugly Tankard has been SMIM’d. Yes friends. Now in 4,179 ways (the number of Tankards placed in the game), you will rejoice at SMIM’s goodness.

    No more shall you come back from hunting great wilderbeasts and toast your greatness only to spit out your mead in utter disgust at the blocky and blurry default Tankard. No more, I say. Now you can drink freely, friends. The next one’s o...

  • SMIM Rocks!

    Skyrim only has a few rock meshes but each is placed at hundreds or thousands of places. Certain rocks like those built into cliffs and terrain are quite high quality. However, the single rock meshes that are placed to fill in holes and spice up the landscape tend to be quite blocky, with very sharp edges.
    This is unfortunate since rocks are very high exposure assets - the player will see them face to (rock) face literally thousands of times. The fool says rocks are blocky and boring so who cares. The trained artist knows rocks are actually extremely nuanced. A well-made rock model is a glorious site. A poorly-made rock model crushes immersion.

    One reason bad rocks break immersion is because all of us know what rocks should loo...

  • SMIM Version 1.23: Dwemer Cookware Set!

    I have struck again and updated SMIM to include a full set of finely textured Dwemer clutter objects. Click the picture below for a larger version with fun text!
    Thanks to brian376 for telling me how ugly the vanilla were! Anyway, thanks also for all the endorsements. The legions of SMIMinites continues to grow...I will call upon you all when the time is right. For now, enjoy the enhanced cookware!

    PS: I do highly recommend the Ruins Clutter Improvement HD mod, which mostly improves textures but also adds 3D chains to chandeliers....

  • SMIM Finally Updated

    Hello SMIM friends, I finally did a small update to SMIM. Two new meshes SMIMified. One being another ugly 2D chains mesh, now in glorious 3D. The other is Dragonsreach's door, my first attempt at getting rid of the ugly 2D metalwork. I'll hopefully do more soon. Thanks everyone....