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A test release of everybody's favorite burden bearer, Lydia. A snippit of an in-development mod, Natural People.

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Natural People


Everybody is pretty much, in their noob days, forced to meet Lydia. The bearer of burdens, and ever honored to see you. Although certain mods flesh her out verbally, there is metric ton which change her appearance. None of which I really like.

Lydia is a part of a bigger mod: Natural People, which is still a WIP.

This mod requires USLEEP for its fixes.

Natural People

Natural people is a mod I created after the failing of my UNO patches, as a "Natural, Human depiction" of Skyrim NPCs.

I actually set a few rules for myself:

  • Nords and those who lived in the Nordic Isles are historically very clean people. Dirt is to be removed and general grunge is to be situational, not the standard.
  • Makeup was, historically, for those with money. Almost every female NPC has a layer. If the situation makes sense, make it look aesthetically sensible.
  • Appearances need to match the character's lore. If they are a fancy or flamboyant character, their face and hair will reflect it.
  • Take into account their Vanilla features, and don't stray too far. The best example of this is drastically changing hair colors. Ysolda is a redhead turned brunette, and no one can agree on Astrid's hair. Also eye colors are to stay within the visible spectrum of their original setting. Green for green, blue for blue, etc.
  • Take care in remembering those people are humanoids. Take in care their character, how they act in-game, and especially their in-game dialogue. Make the face fit the person.
  • RaceMenu Morph Faces.

I hope modders enjoy my meticulous tweaking of Lydia with these aspects in mind.

If this individual test goes well, I will take my feedback, and start releasing other NPCs in faction/locational batches.

Lydia's Assets are as follows:

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