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Intense shadows and bright lights, dark fantasy style preset in four flavors: bright, dark, foggy, and monochrome.

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Otherworld ENB for Vivid Weathers and ELFX

by mobiusbelmont

- All editions of Otherworld ENB are designed to give Skyrim a dark fantasy type atmosphere.  God Rays, dark skies, and pale sunlight are 
the hallmarks of  this preset. 

- Dark Shadows and Lovecraft editions are compatible with Night Eye. 

- Use the latest ENB binary .349 (compatible with older binaries 292 and above).

- Vivid Weathers and ELFX is required for ENB preset!!   

- only ELFX core is needed and do not use ELFX weathers or exteriors (enhancer should be fine if you want to use it)


There are FOUR editions of Otherworld ENB to choose from

1. Dead Lights: bright days 

2. Dark Shadows: dark days and nights also compatible with Night Eye

3. Restless Dreams: bright/foggy days with vibrant nights

4. Lovecraft: dark with minimal color, also compatible with night eye

If you use vanilla lighting and weather in the game then check out my original versions of Otherworld ENB


1.Copy the d3d9.dll and enbhost files from here to your Skyrim folder (use the latest wrapper version .349 but binary .292 or greater will work)

2.Copy and paste the Otherworld ENB files to your Skyrim folder.
Choose ONE edition of Otherworld: Dark Shadows, The Dead Lights, Restless Dreams, or Lovecraft 

3. Edit your skyrimprefs.ini and set the following values:

4.  If you are using STEAM overlay for screenshots then your game may look funny or weird.  Open the injector.ini file included in this mod 
and look for the last entry.  Change 0 to 1  to enable help with STEAM 
overlay (this will also make your screenshots look nicer).

Another option is to disable STEAM over lay.  To disable STEAM overlay (and get a
slight performance boost in your game) click on the steam icon and 
select "settings".  In the settings menu click "in-game", then look 
uncheck STEAM overlay.

5. Make sure anti-aliasing is set to 0 in the Skyrim Launcher (pretty much standard 
practice for any ENB preset)

Check out this guide for configuring ENB and your Skyrim


- SweetFX is NOT used in this ENB preset.  

- SMAA IS used in this preset so make sure either the steam overlay is turned 
off, OR you make the adjustment to the injector ini as stated above in 
step 4.

- This is fantasy, or at least my interpretation of it.  This ENB is not meant to be realistic. 

- Dusk/Dawn is NOT enabled so this preset should be compatible with older ENB binaries (292 and greater)

- Thread fixes are disabled, enable them if you need/want to

- Depth of Field is enabled by default. You can disable it by opening the enbseries 
folder, find DepthOfField under Effect and change true to false.

- Extra Special Thanks to Kobalk and team for permission to use their truly amazing Depth of Field and bloom shaders 
from the outstanding Rampage ENB

Boris Vorontsov - ENB Series Developer (
original Depth of Field by matso
high quality Depth of Field tweaks by Kobalk and team (from Rampage ENB)
bloom shader by Kobalk and team (Rampage ENB)
SMAA by mrhaandi (
ultimate shader effect add-on by Miratheus (
palette textures by yours truly