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Reserve II


Located right outside the lovely Rorikstead, The Reserve is a new player home built from scratch and meticulously designed for convenience and extravagant living. Featuring three main wings all branching from the center, it could not be more simple to navigate, and still provides all the essentials and more. Each wing uses different textures chosen carefully to compliment the rooms purpose.

If the new apple spawner is not working, you may be missing the script file, which can be downloaded right in the files section, and placed in your Data > Scripts folder.


SPOUSES: Please use this mod with The Reserve to have your spouse live with you.

Too many mannequins: If you do NOT want them, console-disable them. Walk up to the mannequin you want to remove, press ~ then click on the mannequin, type 'disable' (no quotes), hit enter, and press ~ again to close console. Its super easy, and will get rid of the ones you do not want. :>

It is good practice to make a real save game (not a quick save), at least every few days and back these up in case something goes wrong.

I plan on adding many new features and areas to explore, not to mention other projects completely. Please visit for more information!


The Main Hall is the entrance, and also acts as the hub to get to each wing of the home. The high ceilings and windows to the outside sky were designed to feel open and refreshing. Depending on the time of day, the room is lit with warm sunshine, or soft blue moonlight. The Den is a furnished and warmly-lit bedroom with ample storage. The Forge is complete with all the tools an Adventurer needs. Everything is close at hand for quick and efficient crafting. The Atrium is a grand circular library with a small garden and Alchemy/Enchanting tables. The basement has displays and storage for all your collections. Also a kitchen/bar, dining room, and small personal archery range.


. All tools needed for crafting in one convenient room
. All shrines available for blessing of your choice
. Enchanting and Alchemy tables with satchels and storage
. Ample storage throughout
. Companions and followers will follow you into the house
. Display cases, weapon racks, plaques, mannequins
. Dragon Priest Mask head busts
. A bed to gain Rested bonus
. Small garden with access to some herbs
. Personal Archery Range
. River, your own vendor NPC
. Stables
. And more...


. If using Steam Workshop, simply press Subscribe
. OR Extract the file (thereserve.esp) to your Data folder and make sure it is checked in the Data popup of your Skyrim launcher.


. Make SURE you REMOVE everything from The Reserve before you uninstall, as the house will be removed from the game. You will lose your items unless you remove them. If using Steam Workshop, simply press Unsubscribe
. OR Delete the file (thereserve.esp) from your Data folder, and (AppleSpawner2.pex) from Data > Scripts.


. Quest for house ownership. (Quest is written, just needs implemented.)


. New navmesh
. Adding more items to River's vendor list
. Interactivity with Takhisis, the dragon (?)
. Household Companions


Watch some amazing videos about The Reserve:

I recommend the use of the mods: "Skyrim Flora Overhaul", "HD Furniture and Barrels" with The Reserve, as they enhance the graphics of objects within the home.

If you find any bugs or graphical issues, Please bring them to my attention so they can be fixed. :) If you are interested in finding more information regarding this mod and future projects, please visit Thank you!

Questions or comments about this mod or any of my projects can be sent to: [email protected]


. The pond outside sometimes looks like it is floating, this is caused by a land model piece not loading. Restarting the game loads the piece, though I still do not know why this happens yet.
. Using the weapon racks in the basement sometimes cuases parts of the basement to look invisible upon re-entry. Restarting the game fixes this every time.
. May not work with other mods that change the landscape in or around Rorikstead
. Animating or moved mannequins: Try exiting the house and re-entering. This has fixed it for me every time. (CK issue, NOT A MOD ISSUE.)
. Weapon racks sometimes get stuck. More often the activator just gets bumped to the left or right, try hovering your mouse off to the sides to get the dialog. (Working on this, for now console-respawn your weapon.)


Current Release 1.0
. Lowered gold in Rivers inventory to fix bug
. The Reserve is getting an overhaul. One room at a time is being released, with this update focusing only on The Den. The following notes refer to The Den only.
. No chests, storage, or other important items were removed. Some wardrobes, etc, were moved to another wall/location, but your items will remain intact. Clutter that was not removed previous to updated may have spilled onto the floor.
. Some textures and minor architecture changed
. Washroom added
. Details throughout and other minor fixes, replacing clutter and adding new clutter
. New lighting
. Updated books
. Added a room bound and portal to The Den for optimization

. Wrong file was uploaded, this update is the correct file

. Fixed flag in atrium that was mis-sized
. Re-added trapdoor to Whiterun
. Removed "room" boundries from basement for now that was causing some walls to flicker
. Fixed placement of basement ladder
. Added a door into the basement from the backyard
. Added splash to the waterfall, and some rocks at the source
. Made Rivers house accessible, will be locked in the future and obtaining the key will be a part of the questline

. Removed trapdoor again to fix crashing issues until further testing can be done.

. Fixed some graphical errors on the outside of the house, thanks MsChif!
. New navmesh for entire house
. Extended Archery Range, added practice arrows, storage, and apple spawner
. Added more detail throughout inside and outside
. Added a cozy personal office to basement with more bookshelves
. Adjusted basement floorplan slightly
. Added bookshelf functionality to Den shelves
. Added storage in Kitchen
. Added outhouse to the outside - credit goes to Noirfx
. Readded trapdoor to the outskirts of Whiterun in order to not interfere with other Whiterun mods
. Sinn and Fein daggers added as a special request
. Redid the water in the fish pools inside

. REMOVED RESPAWNS FROM DRAGON PRIEST MASKS. So sorry, I did not even realize these COULD respawn. No more dissapearing masks! Just console respawn if you lost yours.
. Removed the trapdoor to Whiterun until I figure out if its causing game crashes.
. Replaced River into the world, fixing her vendor status and sellable items, also gave her some idle animations.
. Removed navmesh from underground in the basement, hopefully stopping NPCs from spelunking.

. Changed appearance of River, added relationship to player: friendly. Hopefully she stops PMSing and attacking you.
. Fixed small hole in tiled floor
. Removed beehive from Atrium
. Fixed Rivers House door
. Fixed shield plaques in forge so they are easier to activate

. New basement floor; door is to the left before the entrance to the Atrium. (Basement is separate cell for optimization… it would NOT fit in the same cell. All essentials are still located in top floor for ease of access.)
. Display room for collectors
. Archery Range
. Dining room - *Still under construction
. Kitchen & bar
. Moved bee spawner from Atrium, to right outside near the stable
. Jingling/Tingle sound was re-added until I find an alternate solution (I apologize if you find it annoying, but many spoke out against it being removed)
. Added a trapdoor in the basement to gates of Whiterun (It skips the part where you run through a 20 mile tunnel)
. Dragonpriest mask holders
. Fixing bug with Gildergreen Tree which will also fix mod incompatibility
. Fixed Norman, now using the Nocturnal bird model
. Recalculated navmesh, but still rough. NPCs may have some trouble wandering.
. Added a few idle markers for NPCs
. Added functionality to display cases in Atrium and Main Hall
. Added shield plaques to Forge
. Expanded the outside building to appear larger
. Added more outside decor
. New NPC behind home, River, a vendor for your convenience

. Fixed dissapearing items from Apothecary Satchels
. Added chimney to smelter
. Added light in the closet
. Deleted two of the wall plaques that were getting weapons stuck... looking into issue.
. Removed shelves near mannequins in Forge, were not working correctly. Changed to weapon racks.
. Added a loft to the bedroom for guest room or follower.

. Updated outside Navmesh
. Changed the lighting in the Atrium
. More fish in the ponds
. Removed sound file from Nirnroot in Atrium
. Added shelving and storage in Closet
. (Hopefully) fixed a few bugged mannequins (Animated mannequins are CK issue, not mod issue.)
. Removed a few extra lights for better performance
. Redesigned the center of Atrium and added mist
. Retextured small bird in Den
. Added 3 missing mannequins
. New companion in The Atrium
. Added critter spawners for butterflys, and bee hive with bee spawner
. Moved wep plaques that were clipping
. Changed shrine area and added Nocturnal
. Fixed some cracks in the ceiling, thanks MsChif!
. Developed outside a bit more

. Renamed doors per room
. New navmesh for companion following, they will also enter the house with you
. Pillar collision fixed
. Added mannequins. (IMPORTANT: If the mannequins are either animating or moved into the middle of the room/air, simply walk out of the house and back inside. This is not a mod issue, but a CK issue.)
. The Atrium is no longer located in the Andromeda galaxy. (Sunlight is now in one direction only.)
. Adding extensions to forge for mannequins and a wood chopping block
. Added lights for players using Realisting Lighting mod
. Added decor outside including fencing, chickens, stable
. Gave the house foundation and brought it up out of the ground
. Added NPC Loralyn Bladesong in preperation for Quest; she will wander the house for now
. Added steed Argos in preperation for Quest; players are free to ride him, but he will return to his stable once dismounted
. Added area for Closet in bedroom, but NOT FINISHED YET

. A light overlay of Tavern music now plays while inside
. Fixed clipping issue on outside
. Added chests to Main Hall
. Touched up edges of fish pool
. Added one more satchel to Enchanting and Alchemy labs

. Released The Reserve