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Travel to the working village of Alcester, an island town located to the northeast of mainland Skyrim. Famous for its weapons and clothing exports and home to the Alcester Goods company which until recently produced and sold its goods all across Skyrim but due to the civil war has now been taken over by Empire.

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Travel to the working village of Alcester an island town located to the northeast of mainland Skyrim, Famous for its weapons and clothing exports and home to the Alcester Goods company which until recently produced and sold its goods all across Skyrim but has now been taken over by Empire due to the civil war.

To get to Alcester Village travel down to the Solitude docks and speak with Captain Bearhugger. 


⦁ Complete sizable village within its own world space (Roughly the size of Riften)
⦁ Custom models and textures 
⦁ Over 40 new NPCs
⦁ Fully Voiced NPCs
⦁ Three Quests, (Including a mysterious disappearance to solve and an Easter egg hunt).
⦁ A working crime system.
⦁ Player House with a quest to obtain.
⦁ Unique weapons and items.
⦁ Detailed lore and backstory to the village.


Alcester started life as a small farming village but began to expand into what it is today once Edward Sarvet took control and named himself Jarl. Edward then proceeded to forcibly take land from the farming families to sell on to the new wealthy settlers who wanted to take advantage of the cheap workforce and make a profit from newly emerging trade deals. 

During the Great War two Alcester delivery ships on route to Solitude was mistaken for Imperial ships and were destroyed by the Thalmor, as a result the economy in Alcester was shattered and plummeted the village into a deep recession, The newly appointed Jarl Drayton Sarvet reached out to the empire for help which in turn sent Lord Benyard Stannis a wealthy ranking officer from the east empire company who bought out the village and created the Alcester goods company, which acted as a sub company for the East Empire.

While the takeover made the nobles very wealthier it was the poorer citizens of the village who felt the burdens of the deal, having their land sold from underneath them and being forced to work for very little money whilst being heavily taxed. Now there is a clear divide between the rich and the poor. 

Not long after the civil war began in Skyrim the Imperial legion took direct control of the village and the goods company knowing it would be a great loss if it was to fall into the hands of the Stormcloaks. Now the workers are forced to produce weapons, food, and clothes for the empire.


There are 2 main quests and 1 side quest to complete, I have decided to make each one without map markers telling you where to go, as I feel it takes away immersion.

Quest 1 "The missing ones" - Jeffery's Wife Maria Alba has gone missing from the village and not been seen for 3 days, help Jeffery find Maria by looking for clues and speaking to villagers, You might find somebody from the village is hiding a dark secret. 

Quest 2 "The stolen cups" - Erwin's shipment of golden cups have been stolen and hidden over the village, As a result,
Erwin has been thrown into jail and is now awaiting his fate. Will you help him secure his freedom by finding all 10 of the stolen cups?.

Side Quest "Rock bottom" - Captain Greensea's ship has crashed into the rocks and sank to the bottom of the sea, Help him recover what he had in his chest and receive a reward. 



- If you choose to Manual install - 

Extract contents of the "Data" straight into Steamapps/Common/Skyrim/Data folder and ensure the "AlcesterVillage.esp" is checked when starting the game.

No new game start required. 

If uninstalling make sure you are out of the village and back into the main map of Skyrim.


Firstly to the talented authors of modders resources packs I used.

To the very talented voice actors (both which I highly recommend for any future projects).

To the youtube tutorials which helped me.