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About this mod

Adds over 120 new Game of Thrones style equipment and clothing to the game and distributes them among factions and NPCs!

Permissions and credits
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The purpose of this mod is to add and integrate Game of Thrones style armor and clothing to the game. Many factions are replaced with Game of Thrones equivalents, and NPCs have had changes to their outfits. The mod was designed to be easy-to-install and with as few conflicts as possible.

This is a list of things the mod includes:
- Over 120 new items! (including some original armors by me)
- New body-slider compatible meshes (e.g. _0 and _1 bodies for GoT Compilation Armors)
- All weapons and armors are temper-able, and most have construction recipes
- Each new item distributed to at least 1 NPC
- Multiple faction outfits replaced with Game of Thrones equivalents
- (Optional) Changes appearances of multiple NPCs to look like Game of Thrones equivalents
- (Optional) Changes city banners to Game of Thrones equivalents

This is a list of things the mod does NOT do:
- No changes to level-lists
- No changes to game-play mechanics
- No changes to quests
- No changes to dialogue or NPC names

Download AT LEAST the GoT - Main file. The other 2 files are OPTIONAL.

Main File (Required)
The GoT - Main file is required for any of the other optional components of the mod. It adds armors and clothing to the game and distributes them among different factions and NPCs.

Patch File (Required)
After downloading the GoT - Main file, download the GoT - Patch file. It will write over the GoT - Main.esp file. 

Faces (Optional)
The GoT - Faces file was created to change the faces of several NPCs to make them look like Game of Thrones equivalents (e.g. Elisif the Fair to Cersei). Note: the names of NPCs have NOT been changed.

Banners (Optional)
The GoT - Banners file was created to change the banners of the various holds to their Game of Thrones equivalents (e.g. Windhelm to Stark).

Cloaks (Optional)
The GoT - Cloaks file is a patch for nivea's Winter is Coming - Cloaks mod so that outfits can be preserved.

Download the main file and copy the Data folder into the Skyrim directory. Afterwards, make sure you download the latest patch file, and over-write any files that are mentioned. Once you have downloaded the main file and overwritten it with the patch file, you can download any optional files you like. All files can also be installed using the Nexus Mod Manager. If you have the Game of Thrones Armor Compilation, I highly suggest that you uninstall that first. Otherwise, simply overwrite any files if you are asked to do so.

The next steps will include distributing armors and clothing to the DLC, as well as creating Faces for select DLC NPCs. I also would like to work on updating some textures, as well as creating some armors such as a Kingsguard Helmet and the new Lannister/Tarly Archer armor that has debuted this new season.

How can you help?
If you would like to see this mod improved, there are a couple ways you can help:
- Convert all beast NPCs to human race, and export FaceGenData
- Suggest new armor/clothing mods, as well as where they can be implemented
- Create faces for your favorite Game of Thrones characters and send me the .npc file
 Re-texture some armors if you are skilled with textures
- Let me know if you spot any bugs or inconsistencies with one of the files

Translations are allowed without my permission. You may also port this to SSE. For new mods, you may not use the assets from this mod without permission from me first. The reason for this is because several of these assets come from other mod authors from whom I have requested permission. If there are only certain components of the mod that you would like to use, please ask - I will certainly let you know if the components are my work or those that are free-to-use resources.

Game of Thrones Armor Compilation - donker316
Dovaahkin Jerkin - QTA
Wayfarer Coat - Ellise
Noble Dress - Nimezis
Noblesse Oblige - jacknifelee
Akasha Queen of the Damned - newermind43
Witchhunter (Deadly Trio) - newermind43
BDYEB - TheMalfazar
Witcher 2 Shield Pack - redxavier
Witcher 2 Models - LordofWar
Cloaks of Skyrim - Nikinoodles
Blades Hakama - atomec
Plate Armors Credo Standalone - ActusReus
Triss Armor - Ruse & Oarystis

Don't forget to endorse if you liked it :) This is my first mod.