Parallax Solitude Stonefloor by lucidstorm1
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Added: 03/09/2017 - 08:50PM
Updated: 15/09/2017 - 11:37PM

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Last updated at 23:37, 15 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 20:50, 3 Sep 2017

I am a tweaker. So when something is cool in my playthrough I might decide to share it. This one looks very much 3D and very detailed even if I zoom in.

I didn't like the stonefloor for solitude when playing it was unbereable for me and couldn't find anything suiting me.. ''tiles'' for solitude are much needed. Other tiles I found are  monochromatic and so didn't reflect the city. The texture affects only solitude stonefloor. It reflects the colors of Solitude, the banner (in a lesser extent, since the colors are toned down) and the characteristic dome. So this revolves around immersion too. 


this is a 4k stonefloor uncompressed for Solitude, I also included all sizes

In Miscellaneous you find grouped files with compressed normals, in the main file (and optionals) all have uncompressed normals at 4k

parallax downloads require one of the main files. Max sizes are in the options, in miscellaneous smaller sizes. 

2.0 UPDATE: normalmaps  in bitmap 2 material 3, old normals 1.0 were made in crazybump+ps (2 files)

2.1 UPDATE: hand painted parallax (heads up to Pfuscher - I learned by watching his files):

2.2 added all possible sizes, used source file instead of mere resizing in ps (best quality), grass from Ultimate Solitude simple contrast edited 3d

2.3 meshes with parallax and wetness levels (in alpha state deleted for now since I need more technical advice), + _p parallax very high level

2.4 mixed parallax

later: will try to release wet meshes but there is a small bug coming from Bethesda meshes hard to counter. 

Feedback welcome.



none, but mod looked best with solitude ultimate's ground covers  by grvulture and tested so far with it with some small tweaks from me. For base round stones I use Osmodious parallaxed solitude 4k (the upper part, including the walls and interior is mostly solitude ultimate). This is how it was done: (my mod isn't in the pictures though). 4K manhole by Pfuscher (image below) is the best manhole in human history (of manholes), so use that too. 


modder Pfuscher (normals in 2.0 update onwards), grvulture for grass from Ultimate Solitude, Genetica 4.0 by SpiralGraphics (the source of the texture, please endorse support and help develop):, normals, mimaps, displacement, specular map, normalization: ps, crazybump,  bitmap2material3, 
texture with normalmaps applied, b2m insight:

check out also ''glacierslab'':