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Orphans Lucia and Sofie no longer sleep on the cold streets.

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"No-one bought any flowers today..." young Sofie said sadly as she was passing one night, then proceeded to bed down on the hard stone of the frozen Windhelm streets, all the while I'm nearly hugging a guard who's holding a torch just so 'Wet n Cold' doesn't kill me.

Checking in with Lucia, and while it's not exactly the same frosty weather conditions as Windhelm, she's sleeping on the cold, windy streets too.

Meanwhile, Blaise has a nice pile of hay and cover from the rain, and Alesan gets to sleep in a tavern.  Lucky boys.

Not only is it heart-breaking, it's also immersion-breaking, and just won't do.


Minor update uploaded - fixed sandboxing NPCs from using the sleeping spots.

Mod Does What?

Lucia now sleeps a corner of the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun, because Danica isn't a cow.
Sofie now sleeps under the stairs in the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm, because even cynical old Ambarys isn't that rotten.

I've only updated the existing sleep packages for Lucia and Sofie, so from my own testing this does not affect the mod 'RS Children'.  Whether that's the same with other children mods such as 'Kids are Alright', I've no idea.  You'd have to tell me and I can look into it.

NB: Screenshots are representative only.  This mod does not affect the appearance of NPCs.  The NPCs in the screenshots showing the new sleep locations are from the mod 'RS Children'.


Hearthfire DLC


There should be no issues updating from v0.1 to v0.2, except it might take a few in-game hours for the new flag to take effect.

Install via your preferred mod organiser.
Manual install: install manually (it's only an *.esp).

Ensure that SleepWell.esp is later in the order than 'RS Children', and probably any other children mod.


If installed via mod organiser, un-install that way.
Manual un-install: un-install manually (it's only an *.esp)

Known Issues


As said above, there's no conflicts I detected for the 'RS Children' mod but if there's issues with other kids mods, let me know and I'll see what I can do.  UPDATE: from comments, there seem to be no issues using with 'Kids are Alright'.

Usual caveats about load order and conflicts.  If you're using a mod that already makes changes to either the Temple of Kynareth or New Gnisis Cornerclub cells, there will probably be conflicts/issues.  The usual stuff.


This isn't a follower mod.
No... I do sometimes do other things - well, one other thing (Beacon) - that aren't followers.

Aren't you a nice fella, eh?  Thinking of the kiddie-winks like that.
Yes.  Yes, I am.

Why don't the kids sleep <here> or on a bed roll/bench/off the floor?
It's pretty arbitrary as to which interior they sleep in.  I just decided that Lucia hangs around the Gilder Gleam tree where Danica would no doubt note the young girl's plight, and similar for Sofie hanging around the New Gnisis Cornerclub.  Sleeping on benches as suggested could be awkward because there's a bunch of NPCs who would just sit on them - my own Temple of Kynareth has half a dozen followers hanging around.  Bedrolls?  Well, I decided that at first the girls just sneakily bedded down where they could, and Danica/Ambarys allowed it with a wry smile.  Blah.


Well, I didn't need to use a dozen of other people's nice resources this time, so not to much say here.