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About this mod

-all mountains cast shadows
-a single 8192 x 4096 pixel sized texture instead of two 4096 pixel ones
-custom UV mapping with a reworked fitting lod
-completely reworked vertex colors, prebaked ambient occlusion
-three completely differen variations

Permissions and credits

Version 1.4 is out. I hope that I could fix the problems with older NMM versions. But I can't test it unfortunatly.


The goal of this mod is a complete mountain rework. The lighting of the
mountains was changed in a way to fit much better to dynamic day night
cycles and the weather system of Skyrim.
There are several differences to other mountain retextures.
One of the biggest difference is the mountain texture. There were two
textures used for the mountains originally. But one of this textures was
barely used.
While looking into this texture data I've decided to merge the two textures into a big one. I've adjusted the uvw data and
created a fitting lod.
This causes a very natural geologic look. I wanted to prevent the look of stacked stones as much as possible.
The second big difference is the moss. I've created an optional esp wich assigns a projected moss material to the mountains.
This prevents the look of texture tiling very effectively.
I've created three different versions: default, Darkside and Lightside.
These versions should be able to cover up many different lighting, weather or
texture setups. There is a big variation of installed mods in the
community and I try to be as compatible as possible.


Please read the readme before contacting me. I've tried to include the most common problems and the fixes in it.

This mod requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn Dlc.
Simply choose the installer pack you want to use. If you are using DynDoLod or
SSElodgen you should download the fitting lod pack too. If you are having trouble in creating the lod you should try to install a lower resolution of the resource textures.
Every version of Majestic Mountains has it's own fitting lod pack with lod textures up to 2k in size.
This sites provide very useful informations about load orders.
The three versions should be very different to each other. If one version doesn't fit to your landscape textures I suggest to try another pack.
I would appreciate it if you report wich landscape textures you are using and wich mountain version works best for you.


  • Due to almost removing one mountain texture from Sky this mod conflicts
    with many other. I dealed with this problem by changing the textures of
    certain meshes in the esp files instead of editing meshes. This
    eliminates coflicts very effectively. But there may be mods wich are
    doing the same. Most conflicts occure with water mods. If you are using a
    water mod and your stones aren't wet anymore you should try to change
    the load order.
  • I switched the snow material on the mountains. It blends much better to the landscape snow. But depending on your snow mod it may cause a visible transition between the near snow and the lod snow. The CK didn't accept multi pass snow for lod materials unfortunatly. You can solve this by trying a different snow mod.

Differences to SE:
  • I had to remove the Softlight flag from the meshes. There were problems with enbs.
  • The sun direction esp files were removed. I assume that most people are using an enb. And this esp files are causing daytime issues.
  • The default texture is looking different because of other lighting conditions. But I haven't touched it.
  • The snow is almost untouched. I made some fallof and lod tweaks only.


  • this mod isn't compatible with other mountain retextures
    mod,Better Dynamic Snow should have a compatibility patch too
  • this mod is compatible with all major snow mods
  • "HD Lods" is using my mountain lod textures. You shouldn't overwrite it during the installation

Known Issues:

  • I haven't found a solution for creating a lod for projected materials. If the fading of the moss annoys you I suggest to disable the esp.
  • The closeup mountains are a bit brighter than the hqlod. I guess it has to do with the specularity. But I didn't want to remove another feature yet.

My other mods:


  • Bethesda
  • Sonnhy (installer)
  • Mertz (Wrye Bash script)