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Fixes exploits that allow players to train skills for free.

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This fixes the following exploits:

Exploit 1: When training with a follower, you have access to his/her inventory. So, after training, you can simply trade the gold you paid them back to yourself.

Exploit 2: You can pick pocket the gold you paid a trainer.

It's a simple fix. It's just one file, and there's not even an .esp.It won't conflict with any other mod that doesn't overwrite this "TrainerGoldScript.pex" script.

Compiled with the CK.


Whenever the player gives another actor gold, the script removes that amount of gold from that actor. It doesn't affect merchant gold from buying or selling, as the game doesn't see that as coming from the player at all.


Do NOT directly trade gold to followers! (a pop-up window does come up if you almost do it accidently)
Do NOT reverse pickpocket gold onto people!

...because *POOF* it's gone. I currently don't know of a way to have the game understand the context of how gold was given from a player. Really, it shouldn't be an issue. Think of it as another exploit fix, since you could reverse pickpocket gold onto a vendor to increase their gold amount.


Update 1.1: You can now freely exchange gold with your spouse. Should be compatible with mods that let you divorce.