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The Great Equalizer takes your mod-added weapons and armors and adjusts their stats so that they are better balanced with WAFR/True Orcish Weapons/Proper Crossbow Integration. Made possible through MXPF and xEdit scripting, with assistance from Kelsenellenelvian.

Permissions and credits
Welcome, One And All, To THE GREAT EQUALIZER!

Come on in, have a seat, let me tell you a bit about THE GREAT EQUALIZER!
But first, some questions for you!
Have you ever:

Thought that fancy sword you got could kill a few too many Mudcrabs?
That your sweet new armor maybe reflected more than just arrows in the you-know-what?
How about that shield, does it reflect so much damage that you fall asleep mid-combat?

Well my friend, you've come to the right place!


He'll take your weapons, he'll take your armors, he'll even take your shields!
When he's done, you can bet your game will feel more immersified!

Now available on a Nexus site near you!


With introductions done, let's get down to the nitty gritty. What does The Great Equalizer accomplish?
Simply put, this patcher script, built using MXPF and xEdit scripting, will look at any load order and determine which of your mod-added weapons, armors, arrows, and bolts are out of balance with Weapons And Armor Fixes Remade,
its True Orcish Weapons optional file, and Proper Crossbow Integration.
It does this in an intelligent manner: it will only change what needs to be changed, and only provide those records in its patch file.

No more, no less.
No mass-copying.
No messy clean-up.
Just one patch file that's ready to go.

Do bear in mind that if you have mods that are cheaty in nature, whose stats are intended to be higher than normal,
that The Great Equalizer will normalize its values and bring them down to a sane level.

For instance, Dragonslayer Bows And Siege Arrows.
It's a great mod, intended to take down dragons easily when using dragon enhancing mods, such as Deadly Dragons.
The problem is that if you try to run this mod through the patcher, it will bring those bows down to something a lot more tame.
I've included options (detailed in the readme) that will allow you to exclude entire mods such as this from TGE's patching process.

Do keep in mind that this patcher will only take weapons, armors, and ammo into consideration for its process.
Everything else is considering fine as far as The Great Equalizer is concerned.

Lastly, and excuse the caps, PLEASE READ THE README.
There are a lot of things I simply will not go over on this page which I go into great detail with in the readme.
This includes, but is not limited to, a feature called "modes" that TGE, and the optional patchers, have.
Another example, record and file exclusions.
Again, all in the readme.


A legitimate copy of Skyrim.

That's it. It doesn't change any vanilla records, so having the DLCs are irrelevant.
Having them is fine, but the patcher just doesn't care about them.
Other than those three requirements, you should have an armor, weapon, arrow, or bolt mod you want to patch, or several.
Or all of them.

Otherwise, The Great Equalizer will just kind of not do anything.


Drag and drop the files you extract from the download and drop it in your 'Edit Scripts' folder inside your TES5Edit directory.
There should now be one file and one folder in the Edit Scripts directory.
Once that's done, all you have to do is fire up TES5Edit, right click anywhere on the left in the ESP view, and click "apply script."
Find "The Great Equalizer" and run that bad boy.

Of note is that I've included multiple user toggles within the main script.
I've made sure to go into a lot of detail for each patcher in the readme, so refer to that!

Once you've named your fancy soon-to-be-made patch file, The Great Equalizer will do its magic
and equalize every weapon, armor, arrow, and bolt it can possibly account for.
Just sit tight, expect a patching time of under to at most 20 minutes.
That is, unless you run an obscene amount of mods through it.
On a test I did, I ran 28,000 records through it, and it only took around 15 minutes.
So there's that.


Once again, in the readme, you will find any and all information you need to know when running TGE or the optional patchers.

Speaking of which, there are three optional patching scripts.
Alter Weapon Speeds -will change any modded weapon's speed to reflect vanilla values.
Change RNAM To Default - changes the race entry in worn items to be the default race.
Immersive Weapon Reaches - changes all weapon types from mods to reflect Kelsenellenelvian's ideas on how far they should reach.

Any and all of which can be run in tandem with TGE, either before or after.

If you want to run them all. run TGE first, then go into each patcher's main script,
and set inclusion mode, including only the patch generated by TGE in their patching process.
This will reduce your ESP count, as you'll only have one after this instead of four,
plus you won't have to merge them into one yourself.

For more information on inclusive mode, see the readme.

You're probably wondering when you should run this. Luckily, I have a simple answer for you.
Run it before any other patcher: Merged Patch, Bashed Patch, SkyProc Patcher, etc.

Let's take a practical example.

Say you're working with PerMa.
If you run PerMa and then The Great Equalizer, expect general imbalance with any weapon touched by PerMa.
This is because PerMa does, from my understanding, something similar to my script: it balances weapons and armors.
However it does this according to its own methodology to fit its own goals, as opposed to mine, which tries to stick to vanilla values.
On the other hand, if you run PerMa after The Great Equalizer, you'll get all buffs and debuffs expected from PerMa.
This is because PerMa will take what my script gives it and apply its own logic to them.
With all this being said, this is pure speculation from what I understand of PerMa.
All I can say is try either way and find what works best for you.

Think of this script as literally making the stats even across the board.
If anything comes before it and gives a weapon a buff, that buff will be discarded when it's run through The Great Equalizer.
However if you run this script before that buff occurs, you get smooth balance with those added buffs.

As with all patching processes, use a bit of common sense and always check the results after it's done.
If you don't like the results, change things up and see what happens.
Worst case is you lost time making your game better.
So kind of a win/win, if you ask me.


I'm not in a position where I can promise support.
Modding Skyrim (and consequently making mods) is a sort of on-off thing for me: I do it for a while, then lose interest for months, and in some instances, years.

The making of TGE V2 has taken a great deal out of me, so expect V2 to be the final version.
As of its release, I consider TGE to be feature complete.
It meets and exceeds all of my expectations.
And that is something I'm more than happy leaving things at.

With that being said, I'm totally cool with people doing bug-fix stuff if there are bugs you pick up on.

Also, the big question: SSE.
The answer: no.

I have zero interest in playing SSE, much less making mods for it.
If someone wants to make this work for SSE though, go right ahead!
I have no problem with that whatsoever.

The only thing I ask is if you do convert it, or bug-fix, that you credit me as the original author.
Credit where credit is due, and all that.

This includes, but is not limited to, paid mod schemes, or sites such as Adfly.