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A small skeleton mesh edit to make dragons larger than normal.

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It's a mesh edit of the skeleton file for dragons to enlarge their shape. After seeing that editing the dragons' sizes via Creation Kit causes their animations to spaz about (apparently other mods have tried and failed in this regard as well), I took the cheaper route and just edited their skeleton file and voila! Larger dragons!

Be aware that, due to the change in size and the way dragons are animated, there will be some collision issues, and minor clipping both on the ground and whilst flying (far less during flight than on the ground, however). No spazzy animations, though!

Update! Now supports dragon-riding from Dragonborn DLC and collision issues have been lessened.

Changes in the files are shown in screenshots.

- Skyrim

Just copy and paste into your Steam directory for your Skyrim installation.

Credits to Bethesda Softworks for their game.

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Shameless promotion for CaBaL120 and his absolutely gorgeous work. Go check out his mods!


A big shout-out to Martin (Kryseth) for his amazing covers. Go check out his Youtube channel!