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A small addition to lake view manor for those vampire/witch hunter types

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 A long time ago when i spent many of my days building vampire hunting mods, i decided i needed something more than the normal vampire hunter minded homes and dens. So i decided to set my mind on adding something to one of the build your own homes to make it still feel like a home but with a hidden area for my hunter to hide out and display his trophies and achievements... and so this mod was born.


When you purchase lake view manor and eventually get it built to having a cellar, you will find added automatically (when the mod has been checked in of course) in the cellar where you can have the vampire coffin is now an entrance to a small library and desk area (if you have already built the coffin then you are going to have trouble with this mod.
     This room is not just this room alone as there is a hidden door to another area for your vampire hunter (always check the desks as they have hidden buttons... all of them) and you can now access your very own vampire hunter lair.

Within you will find all the alchemy ideas i.e table,boxes for storage and a place to store your vampire ash remains, some storage, bookshelves (the ones in the very first room work like normal bookshelves but the ones in the main area down the stairs are designed to be used with Jaxons postioner) a new mixer pot for brewing a few potions (also if you have true death immortal mod added you will get some new arrows and bolts. Def Get THAT MOD!)  plus a mixture of training dummies and shrine to stendarr which will cure your diseases.
   Also on the table you will see a map with map markers on it and they pinpoint the vanilla vampire locations so you can start hunting vampires right away.

   There is a smattering of other things I added for my personal tastes so some of the content in this little mod are OP/cheat/godly so you have been warned. if you don't want that then just disable them or pick them up and bin them somewhere.

                                                                                                 A word from the author

  I know I said I had finished modding skyrim and my days were done with it, but we all know that even if I don't release or update anymore, I'm still occasionally going to mod for myself and here is something I polished a little for use even though there may still be bugs (mostly those flipping stupid mannequins!)  and i hope it is something that people will use in their play-through and enjoy.

                                                                               Enough from me and keep up the vamp killing!

                                                                                             As always I hope you Enjoy.