More Hearts and Flesh by Cheez99
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Added: 10/02/2012 - 01:16AM
Updated: 11/02/2012 - 06:59PM

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Last updated at 18:59, 11 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 1:16, 10 Feb 2012

VERSION 1.2: Updated MaybeHeartsAndFlesh to fix two hearts from dropping at once. Maybe. If you're using More instead of Maybe, don't worry about it.

VERSION 1.1: Added the optional file "MaybeHeartsAndFlesh." This does the same thing, but now hearts have a 75% chance of dropping, one flesh has 50%, and an additional flesh has 30% chance. The original drops a heart and flesh 100% of the time. Don't use both files! I don't think anything bad will happen, but you don't need both.

This is a very quick and dirty mod that makes human enemies drop a heart and flesh upon dying. I only tested it on bandits, but it should affect forsworn (not briarhearts) and bandits, as well as any other human enemy. This includes beast races and mer as well. Like I said, it's quick and dirty; all I did was edit the death leveled list. If you just want baskets of hearts and flesh and don't worry too much about immersion, this mod is probably the one for you.

I probably won't be fixing anything unless it's absolutely game-ruining. Suggestions are always appreciated, but I probably won't be messing with it any more. I really just wanted a way to get more human hearts and flesh without scouring falmer camps or adding a chest full of them into the game.

To install, either download with Nexus Manager or just stick it in the Skyrim Data folder.