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WIP:ALPHA Sapphira is a mage on holiday in riverwood, but she's upset some of the locals and so has been shackled up at the edge of town. Marriagable, Full Quest, Unique Weapons and Spells.
Cleaned in TES5EDIT

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Sapphira Alteration Follower BETA_1.5

Sapphira is going to be a standalone fully voiced follower with her own lore-friendly backstory, quests, personality, AI, and more.

look, I said going, alright? I just need to work out why none of the scripting works, her face keeps turning purple, and how to make animations work properly...

We're out of alpha, and into BETA, which means that the mod works as it is, though with nowhere near as many features as it will one day have.

As always I'm working on it a lot, and it's getting better all the time, with bugs being removed (and a few new ones thrown in) and features added. Eventually Everything will just work

Cleaned with TES5EDIT, Coming to Skyrim SE soon. Probably.