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This mod changes The Rift into a blue wonderland. Compatible with Skyrim Flora Overhaul and billboards available for use with DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen. Updated 8/21 with patches for Falskaar and Beyond Skyrim Bruma

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The Blue Forest

by mobiusbelmont

Thanks to Hodilton for this video!
(please note that NOT ALL of my re-colored assets for the Rift were used in this video, hence the yellow and orange flora)

Thanks to Jindo Skyrim for this video!

Thanks to Ultimate Immersion for this video!

[left]Description:  This mod changes Riften leaves to blue and also re-colors the vanilla grass and shrubs in the Rift.

This mod is out of box compatible with Skyrim Flora Overhaul.  You can use this mod with other landscape overhauls if 1) you have billboards for that mod and 2) you use either program listed and linked below to re-generate tree LOD 

Billboards are available for use with DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen  to generate tree LOD with other landscape mods, or New Lands worldspaces (like Falskaar or Summerset Isles).

Patches are now available for Beyond Skyrim Bruma, Falskaar, and Beyond Skyrim Bruma with Bigger Heartland Aspens.  Install main file then these patches if you use Falskaar, Beyond Skyrim Bruma, or Beyond Skyrim Bruma with Bigger Heartland Aspens.  These three patches are not compatible if you use Skyrim Flora Overhaul (you'll have to generate LOD with billboards until I get them made)

High res textures available in the optional download section.  Thanks to taprosoft for the perms to use these

I highly recommend using a grass mod that changes the grass in The Rift to green.  Install this mod after other grass mods.  

Not compatible with other mods that change aspen trees.

higher resolution tree leaf textures are coming in a future update


1.0 initial release

1.1 fixed tree LOD to reduce 'pop in'

added high resolution (1K textures ) by taprosoft

taprosoft for the amazing high res lush aspen textures
Elinen and ztree for the birch tree bark and leaf textures
Zilav for TES5LODGen and the amazing billboard generator tool
Sheson for DynDOLOD