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Megumi has travelled far and wide in search of the Dragonborn; a premonition has brought her hundreds of miles to be this close to you, don't leave her hanging! -Standalone spellsword follower -

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200 Endorsements Reward!
Realistic Megumi added!
Uses Citrus head.
Can be used together with classic Megumi, overwrite all files in NMM/MO.
Height adjusted to be slightly shorter.
Better and more realistic facial expression.
Looks good without ENB!
*IMPORTANT: If you install Classic Megumi + Short Hair, you can still install Realistic Megumi but she will not have short hair.

*Spells: Wards, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Oakflesh and basic healing

Megumi is a traveller from a distant land who came to Skyrim after having a surreal premonition of fighting alongside a great warrior, who slayed a mighty winged beast, a dragon of sorts, with a powerful, magical shout.

For reasons unknown, she felt drawn to this mysterious individual, and thus left without hesitation to seek out this great warrior.

Her journey first took her to Cloud Ruler Temple, where she hoped to find information with regards to dragons.
Unfortunately for her, Cloud Ruler Temple was already in ruins and there wasn't a single legible book left in the compound. Undeterred, she left for Skyrim to seek further knowledge, but not before chancing upon and keeping a miraculously well-preserved Blades sword.

Megumi then took off to the College of Winterhold, where she was forced to demonstrate a spell at the entrance of the bridge before she was allowed into the College; following which, she was given an unskippable, compulsory tour of the premises which took seemingly forever, before finally making her way to the Arcaneum to deal with the rude Orc in charge of the books.

Having little luck with her attempted research into dragons, she decided to explain her premonition to Tolfdir, but was instead forced to attend a compulsory lesson on wards (which she was already adept at) before he was willing to hear her out. Although clueless about dragons, he managed to direct Megumi to High Hrothgar, as he reckoned the Greybeards, who were masters of The Voice, would be better suited to give her answers.

On her way to High Hrothgar, Megumi realized that she had circled the mountain the wrong way, and ended up near Helgen instead of Ivarstead. Cursing her bad sense of direction, she decided to take a short rest at Helgen, but as bad luck hadn't gone far from her, Helgen was on lockdown due to a supposed Imperial execution that was about to take place, and she wasn't allowed passage through.

It was then that she spotted a huge black creature descending from the heavens, right in front of her eyes. It was the same dragon as the one in her dark dream. She knew at that moment that she was no match for the ungodly being, and while the black beast went on a rampage in Helgen, Megumi instinctively fled North on a stolen horse past Riverwood to the city of Whiterun, to request the assistance of the highly revered Companions.

At Jorrvaskr, a fight had just broken out between two of the Companions. In the middle of the awkward and borderline childish fistfight, and just seconds away from losing all hope, Megumi heard the doors swing open, and she couldn't take her eyes of the figure that stood before her...

The End... or A New Beginning?

P.S: higher resolution uploads of the backstory images are in the image section, cheers!


Alternate Short hair version under optional files, overwrite main file.


  • Well I wish I could do more, like I'd really love to do a custom voice and a short quest, but I'm not that deep into modding just yet. Hopefully someday!
  • If you want her to level with you, use a follower mod like UFO / AFT / EFF.
  • She's actually a re-creation of the dragonborn of one of my earlier playthroughs. My old hard disk died few years back, together with all my Familiar Faces, sadly.
  • I considered an Akaviri backstory for her; but after reading up, it seems like nobody even knows if the Akaviri were "asian-ish"...
  • I've spent way too much time trying to fully smoothen out her face... If anyone wants to send me further touch-ups you're more than welcome =P
  • This is my first ever mod upload, but I am open to suggestions and criticism, though please be gentle =D
  • I plan to have an over arching quest mod that includes 4 of my followers. While I'm learning, I will upload the four of them (without quests) one at a time.
  • For the sake of variety, all 4 of my follower mods will be of different classes. Look forward to the Berserker and Knight  Archer! =)

Might upload my Racemenu preset if people really want it, let me know in the comments! Done!
-Short hair version Done!
-Custom Lines version before custom voice (possible, learning in progress) Will be available in a separate mod in future.

19th August 2017
Megumi made it to Hot Files!
Thanks everyone for the support! =)

KS Hairdos Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky 
"Description: You are free to use this mod for any follower and npc mods."

PureSkinTexture by Anini n Regenbot03
"Author notes: Plz Credit me & the pure texture with a dirct link. That's all I want! :)"

New Mikan Eyes by nerune
"Asset use permission: You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me"

SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa
"Asset use permission: You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me"

Short Hair:

saLa Hair by saLa and tktk 
"You feel free to use hair data for your follower, NPC. But, you must write the credit(use the saLaHair) in your description.
No need to contact me."

SeveNBase a custom FemaleBodyReplacer by Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986 Sevennity

CITRUS Heads (HD Meshes) by Blabba 

Designed with
RaceMenu by Expired 

Mods (non-exhaustive) used in Screenshots:
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
JK's Skyrim
NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K
Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin
Facelight Plus
Jaxonz Positioner
Circlet Replacers for Women
zzjay and Grace Darklings Hoods with hairs
Hentai China dress and Hentai Hana dress for UNP by zzjay
Dragon Lilly - CBBE by betterbecause 
Dragon Lilly Retexturing - Dragon Miko Edition by Siloseea
Gomapero Poses (search "Gomaperopero" on Tumblr)
Gomapero Vanilla Armor Replacer /  Standalone

Kinematic ENB Southern Light by Kyokushinoyama 
Antique Dragon ENB