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A texture mod for Dawnbreaker. It his highly detailed with demonic carvings.

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Divine Daedric Dawnbreaker

This mod will only replace the textures for Dawnbreaker and does not contain any meshes. The weapon is HIGHLY detailed and well done. 

The mod is compatible with LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons.

I AM NOT THE MOD AUTHOR. The original mod was created by LupusHegemonia. I have received permission to upload this file on this Nexus by asking him in the comments. "I guess you could post it to "Oldrim", since you'll mention it's my work and give credits.
No problem at all." 

THE ORIGINAL MOD: Divine Daedric Dawnbreaker (DDD)

INSTALLATION AND UNINSTALLATION: Download it with NMM or MO. Manually, drop the "Textures" file into the data folder of your Skyrim directory and override IF asked. Uninstall it by deleting it in the textures folder of your Skyrim directory or removing it from NMM or MO.

Here is the original mod description:



This fine demonic weapon, has limited additional textures. As illustrator myself, I was working for days my own version of Dawnbreaker sword, a true Daedric magic powerful weapon - also my favorite in the game. So, here it is, you may try it for yourselves.

(It's TEXTURES ONLY, no meshes, nothing else. Simply replacing your existed Dawnbreaker's textures.)

Generally, I never liked any textures of this fine weapon. Most of the talented creators, were using the Bethesda pattern to make their textures - and I simply hated so much that... parallel so many lines across the blade. Also, the blade itself was looking very thin (in any textures I tested). No mentioning, there were no daedric elements on the sword.

So, I made a fine blade totally from scratch, a lot a lot layers one over the other, to make the blade looking sharp... weathered... demonic... compact metallic... a weapon that you really want to will it. I added "flames"-lines on the blade, but as a minimal design pattern. The scratches from sharping the blade are visible, as the "weathered" element (is an old divine weapon). I removed that... "hole" on the bottom of the blade and I added an "Oblivion eye" jewelry magic stone - and daedric words across the blade. For the grip, I follow for a bit the classic vanilla lines, but I also decorated it a lot. I placed (of course) an "Oblivion Gate" part on the grip, other "demonic" elements, decoration scratches/lines, several mini-decorations here and there, etc...

I also made a "glow" dds. Most of the glow dds I've seen for this blade, are red and very "evil"-like. Not bad, it's a daedric weapon, it's logical... but, this weapon is the "LIGHT BEARER" weapon, the "Lucifer" weapon, the weapon of the "One Champions Who Brings The Light". So, I thought... "it must be bright, yellow or something". But since the vanilla weapon has lighting effects (I haven't touch those, as I wrote, is a simple retexturing mod), the effect during the game looks like the light turns from yellow to red and looping!!!! Not bad, I liked it when I saw it.

The textures are made in 2K resolution, which I think is very fine and not too much (I can't understand why people placing 4K textures on... knives, plates, forks, swords, etc. It's not a... fort stonewall, to need 4K textures! 


(I'll try, any textures I'm making for my own, to sharing with you - my own completely textures or retexturing existing mods like the candles' smoke/flame for Realistic Lighting Overhaul or Yuriana's extra new skin or SuperbSerana's extra new skin or the additional 4K textures for the Farmhouse Wooden Fence and others)."