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Playable female Racemenu preset that resembles Lara Croft.

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This is a Racemenu preset of my interpretation of Lara Croft. I made it because of a bet and uploaded it in case some of you want it. Have fun with it.

To use this preset, you will need:

When choosing options for your BodySlide, you will want:
  • Options: Unified UNP
  • Racemenu Plugin: Racemenu Morphs for Unified UNP
  • Pre-built Morphable Bodies: Prebuilt UUNP + Morphs (or you can choose the HDT version if you want animated breasts and butt)
  • UUNP Special Physics: None

When choosing options for Demoniac Skin, you will want:
  • Body Type: UNP
  • DiffuseMap: Realgirl + SG Head
  • Normalmap: SG Normalmap (that's what's in the pictures but feel free to choose your own)
  • SpecularMap: No Gloss (it will still be slightly glossy since Demoniac just does that)
  • Subsurface Scattering: Subsurface Disabler (not exactly necessary but I recommend this option)
  • Optional Files: You want all three options.

When installing Maevan's Eyebrows, choose the standalone version.
My Lara is a Breton so don't forget to choose the right race!

If you want the outfit, download Katarina Armor by NewerMind43.

By the way - the ENDORSE button doesn't bite...