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Adds a nice little player home in the Rift, near-ish to Ivarstead.

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- Attention-

This mod was converted to be used for Oldrim from Special Edition. If you'd like to see more screenshots, or if you're looking for the Special Edition version, please click here.


- Description -

Adds a nice little player home in the Rift, near-ish to Ivarstead.


- Features -

- The ability to fast travel there right at the start.

- The entirety of Autumn Haven is follower friendly. However, you will need a mod to bring your spouse here.

- Autumn Haven comes with unique containers. Containers will visually change as you add more items to them.

- You may change the wall mount and shrine on top of the fireplace.

- Autumn Haven comes with an alchemy, enchanting, and full forging stations.

- Interactive planters around the house, and in the backyard.

- A very relaxing backyard area. In my opinion. ;)

- The ability to: shut off most light sources, sip wine and mead out of the cups, and sit on the rocks in the pond in the backyard.

- A nice tingly feeling inside.

You can see a video of Autumn Haven in this lovely showcase by RYANT1UM:

In this amazing showcase by Febrith Darkstar:

And in this lovely showcase by Foxeral:


- Incompatibility -

Any mods that edit the surrounding areas may cause incompatibility.

I've also found that because this mod edits exterior cells by a body of water, it will make the water flow weird if you're using Realistic Water Two. This might only be on Special Edition.


I wanted to make my own player home. I'll share with you guys too, though.

If there are any bugs, comment, or concerns leave them in the comments section!