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Let your follower ride behind you on your horse. Instead of letting them run behind you or buying an expensive second horse, you can just share the one.

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Special Edition version can be found here!


This mod lets your follower ride with you on your horse, behind the saddle. That is pretty much it.
After installing, you will be given a Horse Medaillion which you can give to your follower.  When you do so, they will sit behind you when you mount up. (They don't have to actually wear the medaillion)

Your follower will dismount together with you. If you teleport into a city, the follower comes along (without the horse of course). Your follower will also dismount when you draw your weapon. A few seconds after you sheathe the weapon, they will remount.

You can craft more Horse Medaillions (or a non wearable token with the same function) for your followers at the forge.

There are additonal options in an MCM menu:
  • Ask followers to ride with you using a spell, dialogue or a popup menu during mounting. These are off by default.
  • Let female followers ride side saddle
  • Ride behind your follower

This mod pulls a couple of nasty dirty tricks to make this work. This is still an early release, you may have a few strange glitches when riding but nothing that will break or crash your game. Main known issues are:
  • Sometimes your horse will fly off a little after teleporting (with you on it). To fix: hang on tight and just ride around a little.
  • If you use AFT and your follower uses the Gear management option, add the medaillion to their Default gear, not to their backpack.
For all issues, see the Bugs tab

  • Let your mod manager handle the install, or unzip the package to your game's data folder
  • The load order for this mod isn't critical.  (If you use LOOT to manage the load order of your mods, run that now)
  • Run FNIS

0.3 to 0.4 (or higher): Mount a horse (which you own) once, you will be given the option to upgrade the mod.
Always Run FNIS

This mod is NOT compatible with any follower who have their own horse, or with mods like Convenient Horses that provide
horses for followers. You can safely install this mod if you have follower mounts, just be careful to whom you give the Horse Medallion.
  • Anna NPCs: If you want one of Anna's followers to mount up with you, be sureto disable their summoned horse in the MCM menu for Anna NPCs. You cando this for each follower separately.
  • Convenient Horses: Only give the medallion to a follower whom you haven't given ahorse yet. If they already have a horse, you will need to kill it (do not disable it in the console) before giving the medallion.
  • Princess Horse Riding: Compatible, however your follower will end up sitting somewhat to the side of the horse. There is currently no fix for this, next version may have a manual adjustment in the MCM menu.