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This is a attempt to improve the reach and distances that Skyrim has for it's weapons.

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Most of us are well aware that a lot of the weapons and combat systems in Skyrim are super generic and not well thought out.

This is my attempt to improve this system and make it more immersive and realistic. This also gives a much greater difference between weapon types for variety.

All changes from the Unofficial Skyrim Patch are included.

Here is the changes I have made and why:

  • Battleaxes & Warhammers              1.3 > 1.2
  • Bows, Crossbows and Daggers         0.7 > 0.5
  • Greatswords, Staves & Two-hand     1.3 > 1.1
  • Swords                                          1.0 > 0.8
  • War Axes & Maces                          1.0 > 0.7
  • Fork,Knife & Shiv                           0.7 > 0.3

Some of the reasoning:
  1. The 1.3 overall was too long of a reach realistically.
  2. Battle Axes and Warhammers are polearms. They were designed for maximum reach so they are now the longest reach weapons.
  3. Greatswords are almost as long as ploearms, but are made for slightly more control so they are a bit shorter.
  4. War Axes and Maces are a bit more of a heavier, less finesse weapon and require less control and skill than swords.
  5. Daggers and using a Bow for 'punching' are in your face and personal space weapons.

Donprotien made a shout out to this here:
(Starting from 04:38)

All non-unique items from Legendary Skyrim are included now. The only things not covered AFAIK is the enchanted variants of the base Skyrim materials. They are being worked on.

A lot of this also comes from being in medieval reenactment groups most of my life. I have extensive first person experience with weapons like this. I am always willing to listen to suggestions, ideas and requests.

This mod is to be considered a modders resource!!! It is free to add to any mod or use in any mod! No credit needed but any credit will be appreciated! 

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