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Let's be honest: enchantments in the base game are just potions for your armor. Their effects are absolutely useful, no doubt about that, but also pretty damn simple. I've taken the liberty to make 8 new enchantments, plus two if you have my Combat Modification mod. They do all kinds of useful things.

Armor Enchantments:
Faster Movement: Pretty straightforward, you put this on your boots and you move between 1% and 99% faster.
Faster Attacking: My personal favorite; this one goes on your gauntlets and lets you attack faster.
Reduced Fall Damage: Put it on your boots, take half fall damage.
Night Vision: This is another good one - put it on your helmet, and you can turn night vision on and off, like a Khajiit or a Vampire.
Enhanced Magical Ability: Requires Combat Modifications. Reduces the spell stunting for warriors and thieves.
Enhanced Magical Ability: Requires Combat Modifications. Reduces the combat stunting for mages.

Weapon Enchantments:
Weakness To Fire: Straightforward. Works well with elemental enchantments.
Weakness To Frost: Straightforward. Works well with elemental enchantments.
Weakness To Shock: Straightforward. Works well with elemental enchantments.
Weakness To Poison: Straightforward. Works well with a poisoned weapon.

Q: How do I get the items to disenchant?
A: They're sold by magic item vendors, such as Farengar and Calcemo, throughout Skyrim. If you have the version for the Combat Modifications, you can buy those two enchantments from the Companions and the College of Winterhold.

Q: Faster Attacking seems a little overpowered right now...
A: I might reduce its effects. I didn't actually test any of the armor enchantments in combat, just blundered around Farengar's room swinging my sword.

Q: So you can't guarantee that this will work?!
A: It will. If things work TOO well, then I can just update it.

Q: lolz i don't need night vis cuz im a khajiit
A: You're a goddamned furry. No arguments.

Q: What do you have against people who play as Khajiit and Argonians?
A: Play as a fucking primate. Felines and lizards don't have opposable thumbs. That's not how biology works.

Q: This is a world with magic, dragons, and a talking dog from New England and yet you're concerned about the mistakes with taxonomy?
A: Yes. Moreover, the lizards have breasts. Why? WHY ON EARTH WOULD LIZARDS HAVE BREASTS?! 

Q: Are you actually that angry about lizard breasts?
A: Are you actually going to stand for a species of lizards who are known to lay eggs (it would make more sense if Argonians gave live birth) with breasts?

Q: You need to be more open-minded. The TES universe is really different from ours. Hell, they have actual geocentric astronomy there.
A: That's another thing that pisses me off. How the arsefuck would a star get caught in the orbit of a tiny planet? Tamriel is only about the size of Ukraine (maybe even smaller), when you think about it, and its a whole fucking continent. Either Nirn is tiny or there is a SHITLOAD of stuff we don't know about there. And if it is that small, how come there's earth-like gravity there?

Q: This is a fantasy game. It doesn't have to be believable or make sense.
A: Just go back to playing as a Khajiit.

Q: Why are you concerned with what race other people play as? Are you some kind of bigot?
A: I also hate Batarians from Mass Effect. Fucking terrorists whining about how the humans are better at colonizing planets than they are. I'm glad the Council took their Embassy away. You can say whatever you want about video game races that aren't based off an actual race - it hurts no one. Rieklings? Fuck those little ice-goblins. All Falmer sound like Brian Johnson. "Zetans" from Fallout? You motherfuckers can phone home. Was anyone harmed by me saying that? No. Well, maybe Brian Johnson. In all fairness, AC/DC's pretty good but I can't understand a single fucking word he says. He has his own dialect of English. 

Q: I'm gonna stop. This is a touchy subject, and everything you just said is extremely distasteful.
A: Have I ever said anything that was tasteful?

Q: Well, the first three questions weren't bad, but then you went on a rant about Beastfolk...
A: Funny thing, actually. Khajiit and Argonian NPCs don't bother me. Just Khajiit and Argonian players. 

Q: You just alienated a whole bunch of people who would have downloaded this mod...
A: I've done that so many fucking times now, and I haven't learned. 

Q: This FAQ was disgusting, distasteful, abhorrent, and ignorant. I can't believe you made a joke about racism.
A: The worst things in this world are usually the only things worth joking about.

Q: That was surprisingly philosophical... are you sure that fits the nature of your FAQs?
A: I have to justify all of the fucked up things I say early on. Hopefully people read the entire FAQ and don't just leave when shit gets hot.

Q: I hate you. I hope you get your dick shot off.
A: Sometimes I hate myself, too. I wrote this entire damned FAQ, realized it was waaaay more fucked up and related to real-life issues than usual, took a few things out, then just said, "fuck it, I'm not re-writing this."

Q: I thought this was about enchantments...?
A: Really? I thought I made a lingerie mod. Fuck.

My other mods which you should totally get because your Bethesda experience won't be as good without them.

If it's not apparent, all my FAQs and mod descriptions are written for the sake of humor.
If one of them offends you, I'm sorry.
I'm also sorry to say that you, and you alone taking offense from it will not give me cause to change the description.

For anyone who survived that clusterfuck - for one, I'm sorry. Second, I'd like to announce that I have something BIG in the works. If I manage to finish it, it will be the largest mod I've ever undertaken. I'll probably be releasing another small mod sooner or later, so stay tuned - there might be a little more detail there.