Maggthara Har zhul - Tough Female Orc by LoloPinky
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Maggthara is rather a young Orc woman, but that doesn't mean she has a short past. It's been a long, tough journey to get to where she is now, but she's starting fresh. All of the horror and despair from her past will not hold her back, it will make her stronger. Her future is yours to lead, so lead it well.

There are 2 save files for Maggthara. One is just after coming out of the tutorial dungeon at level 1 and another is just after exiting the nearest mine, activating the warrior stone and reaching level 2 with 1 point in the two-handed skill perk tree. Oh yeah, and she also chose to go with Rolaf (the Stormcloaks) at the start (if you'd rather pick the Imperials, I think I still have a save file from before choosing a side - just tell me if you want it). Pick whichever one you prefer.

All you need to do is plop the save file into your Saves folder and load it up in-game. Enjoy.

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Bethesda for making an amazing game <3