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  1. albert8908
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    UPDATE 1.1:
    -all TGA textures converted to DDS format --> thanks to EMS60 for reminding me about that
    -fixed New Moon gear(missing skirt textures)
    -fixed Kaer Morhen-Viper gloves(mesh fix)
    -fixed "Weapon Adjust" - now you can change character's body weight and the smaller the weight - the closer weapon to the body(mostly for those who like to wear weapon on back)
    -added All-In-One optional file(esp+bsa)
    All files updated (except Geralt's Head mod,update isn't required).

    About adding the other armor sets: perhaps in the future, but now i'm very busy.
  2. elpis94j
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    Greeting friend! This mod is Sooooo cool. I REALLY LOVE TW armors.
    By the way, if you don't mind, I have something to ask.
    Did you port these yourself? If so, I wonder how you converted .redcloth files. Or is there any other way?
    Plz, teach me.
  3. eoumomo
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    I have attempted to wear this armor, but it seems I have installed it wrong, as it crashes when put it on. What is the reason for this?
  4. GyukiBijuu
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    How i wear this clothes/armor? I tried to use the console command but i think im doing something wrong
  5. ShadowXMilitant
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    ive downloaded the mod but the outfits dont seem to appear in my smithing, do you know what could be causing that?
    1. BruzzTG
      • member
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      You need to use the AddItemMenu mod.
  6. froztee
    • premium
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    Thanks so much for this
  7. HazaRd777
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    Question for anyone who managed to port this over to SSE. I’ve installed plenty of oldrim armor mods directly to SSE with no issue, but with this one it keeps crashing the game on loading the main menu. The actual window for the game won’t even pop up. I’ve tried optimizing the files and saving the mod through the CK, but the results are the same.

    I’m guessing this might be why the port was taken off, but if anyone has managed to get this running on SE I’m wondering what you did. It’s probably my favorite armor mod, so I’d rather not give it up if there’s anything that can be done.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I don't think I packed them right after I optimized the files (left the old bsa file in the archive). Redownloaded the all-in-one and followed the conversion steps, works fine now in SSE.
    1. myptx
      • supporter
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      Same promble
      How should I do if I want to use this in sse?
    2. bernardtp
      • supporter
      • 509 posts
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      Realize this post is a month old, but did you have any luck with the Grandmaster Ursine in particular? With or without optimization they all work fine with that one exception.
    3. scottkim92
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      Any chance you can upload to google drive or something?
    4. tdk01
      • member
      • 1,911 posts
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      you can easy fix that yourself. the fur and the bear armor and the port to se is pretty simple
  8. hyagoleo
    • member
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    Ei albert8908
    Please make a version of Ursine School gear in light armor!
    I would be very grateful.
    And excellent work!
    Thank you!
    1. agelmar101
      • premium
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      Would love to see a light version of Ursine too
  9. Axul
    • member
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    Увидят ли, когда-нибудь, любители ламповой историчности - другой брони из данной игры (самых обычных гамбезонов или кольчужек аля наймит, которых в третьей части предостаточно и которые красуются на Ваших других скриншотах или придется давиться криво сшитыми (при всем уважении к портировавшему и подгонявшему модельки, но - без слез на ведьмачьи сеты, даже Мантикору, и не взглянешь броньками Геральта из раза в раз? Мрак, грязь, страх - и ничего человеческого! (цэ
    1. Dovahkin7b
      • member
      • 15 posts
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      Вряд ли))) Судя по скриншотам они уже чуть ли не всю игру портировали.... НО на сайте всего этого добра не найти. Либо жадничают, либо другие причины , но заливать всё это они не хотят((( А жаль...(((
  10. hideyoshi98
    • member
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    To be honest, I really love every single witcher armor that you make and glad that you post it here but, I don't know whether you take request or not and there any way you'll make a mastercrafted version of wolven armor?
    1. Ryyz
      • premium
      • 78 posts
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      The wolven sets are extremely annoying to port. In W3's files, the wolven models are incomplete. There's a huge hole in all of them. You'd either have to remodel them to close the gap or find whatever armor CDPR merged them with. There's also another issue with the wolven armor. Least grandmaster. There's too many vertices. I destroyed the model to where there were holes everywhere and all the detail was gone and it refused to export. But it may have been a mistake on my end. That being said, I'm thinking of venturing into modelling. I would be willing to at the very least attempt to port the mastercrafted. It will take some time. I'm very busy atm. It wouldn't be til at least September that'd I'd be able to attempt it.

      TLDR: There are some difficulties with the wolven armor. I would be willing to attempt to port mastercrafted in September..
    2. SunshineBlind
      • member
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      Did you ever get around to porting this or the mastercrafted wolf armor to SSE?
  11. settlerking
    • member
    • 69 posts
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    will this be ported to SSE or does it work as is? saw that the port had been deleted so just wondering?