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Main Menu and Music Randomizer
People Are Awesome Edition

By Dahveed

(Note: in the second video, skip ahead to :43, 2:50 and 4:40 to skip all the loading and get to the menu screen demos!)

Drawing from a variety of popular Youtube stars to spice up your menu screen!

Basic Description:

Replaces the main menu screen with one of 57 (for now!) different images from the Nexus community, along with a different accompanying musical score for each.  Many of these tracks are beautifully played renditions of popular Skyrim music from Youtube! 

Each time you play the game it will choose one randomly!  Hooray!

"Why should I use this?"

After all, there are already many different menu replacer mods, right?  Including Hellstorm102's insanely popular "main menu wallpaper replacer HD 1080p now with randomizer" upon which my mod is based.

Well, that mod is indeed excellent, but it does NOT change any of the music.  It's still the same "Dragonborn" theme we've all heard a million times.  This mod uses many different musical tracks from the Skyrim game itself, other Elder Scrolls games, as well as different covers from Youtube talent on the net!

A more reasonable question would be, "why shouldn't I use this?"

"HOW do I use this?"

Just download it!  The rest takes care of itself.  The mod uses an skse plugin file (thanks to Helltorm102!) which will randomly insert a different main menu screen and music every time you start Skyrim!

More savvy users can even add their own custom menu screens and music!


- Hellstorm102 for original mod template and .skse randomizer plugin

- All Nexus screenshot contributors who allowed me to use their work: see "images" section, for accompanying user names.

- Nexus staff for such a great website!

- Bethesda for a great game, and the creation kit!

- Jeremy Soule, for making such incredible music over the years!

- All Youtube talent who replied to my requests to use their stuff:  You can see them all in the "video" section for all the music used.

Here is a full list of credits for the music I used:

Alina Lesnik - The Dragonborn Comes
Amélie Guiboux - Elder Scrolls III Morrowind Theme (Harp Cover)
Benefisch - Skyrim Secunda Harp Cover
Beyond the Guitar - Skyrim: Ancient Stones (guitar cover);  Dragonborn - Main Title Theme Classical Guitar Cover
Christopher Niskala - Skyrim 8-bit Chiptune Medley   (YOU CAN SUPPORT HIM ON PATREON)
Gabby Madden - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Ancient Stones [Piano Cover]
Guus Van Wolde (with Eva Diederix on vocals) - Skyrim Medley (Piano + Classical Voice)
Jonas Lefvert - Ancient Stones (Acoustic Classical Guitar Cover); Secunda (Acoustic Classical Guitar Cover); Morrowind Theme (Acoustic Classical Guitar Cover); Sons of Skyrim (Acoustic Classical Guitar Cover)
Malukah - Needs no introduction, but I used several of her songs which you can find on youtube by clicking here.
Olivia Grubbstrom - Dragonborn Comes vocal and instrumental cover
ReadyClaireOne - "7 Minutes of Relaxing Skyrim Piano Music" (medley); The City Gates (Skyrim) - Piano Cover, HD
RebeccaETripp - Skyrim "Legends Around the Fire" (Around the Fire & Dragonborn Arrangement); Oblivion "Wings of Kynareth" Orchestral Remix
Scamper - Skyrim - Ancient Stones (Piano); Skyrim - Secunda (Piano); Skyrim - From Past to Present (Piano); Skyrim - The City Gates (Piano)

Addon pack #1:

Isac Saleh - Far Horizons, Secunda, The Plane Meld (ESO)
Jonas Lefvert - Far Horizons
DOMINIKANA - The Dragonborn Comes (bard cover)
Maciej Dąbrowski - Skyrim - Dawn Awake, Solo Guitar Medley
Sharm - Tale of Tongues (Malukah cover)

(Note that these credits don't include Jeremy Soule, who is of course the well-known composer of all Elder Scrolls music!)