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Here are 3 edited menu textures I really like, combined with the cool waterfall logo everybody is so crazy about. I too think it looks cool.

Choose one of the textures, and drop it into your skyrim/data/textures/interface/objects folder.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
I also included my remix of my favorite menu song I edited years ago. Optional, if you want to use it, drop the music folder in your data
folder. (song starts up slow, then fast, then slow asf, then it becomes extremely cool, reflects this game perfectly)
I also included my edited menu meshes, where I combined the original skyrim menu smoke, with the snow particles. I wanted to have
snow AND smoke at the same time, so there you go, i did it. If you want
to use it, drop the meshes folder into your data folder. 3 is the best if you ask me...personal preference though........still. Use that one :). WHY ? (it has the vanilla clean
feel, with added pictures "from your adventures", the Skyrim name is
displayed at the bottom, and the logo is in the middle, again, vanilla
feel....only modded vanilla feel.)

Bugs, Bunnies and the like,,maybe even Warner Bros...
---Maybe some ENB can cause problems with the image quality, audio quality etc, ...or the weather outside, ...or Donald Trump, or Korea and the Mexicans
dancing around the border wall may blur the picture, i dunno, i dont use ENB effects, never had, never will. There are some rumours that some people use
3 or even 5 enbs at the same time....just sayin....and they need to use 3d glasses and an Oculus Rift combined to be able to see whats going
on...just sayin. Add to that some SweetFX and you got yourself a quadruple-A game.

All rights reserved to the respective authors, and thanks to,
Bethesda - for Skyrim and menu smoke
lozzer22 - for the menu snow
google/piterest/deviantart - for the logos and pics
rheadude - for the muntain picture
...all this was possible.

Dragons were never gone. They were just invisible and very, very quiet. M'aiq