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So the other day, I was asked by Nexus user Pavan999 to make dark steelplate armor based on the armor that this lady from Game of Thrones wears. Now, I don't watch Game of Thrones myself, since I already have plenty of stuff to get off to (Everyone who watches GoT has jerked off to it at least once. True Fact. No, I don't think any less of them for doing so), but I like fulfilling requests every now and then, so here we are.

Dark Steel Armor has the same stats as ebony armor, and requires the same perk to be crafted. Unlike ebony or steelplate armor, however, it requires a large mixture of metals to craft. A steel-ebony alloy makes up the plates, while the chainmail is made of steel, and the scales are iron. It also looks cool because its black.

Q: That doesn't look like a decent replica of the armor in the picture...
A: I work with textures, not meshes.

Q: So you suck at modding?
A: I'm slowly getting better. For a long time I didn't know how to do retextures.

Q: Hey! I watch Game of Thrones but have never blew a load to it!
A: Bullshit.

Q: So you just take requests now? Can I request a mod?
A: Usually, this involves us exchanging sexual favors.

Q: Stop being a child, you know that I'm not doing that.
A: Actually, the requester's usually on the receiving end so that the modder feels appreciated.

Q: Will you give me sexual favors if I request a mod?
A: You can get something of the erotic sort ANYWHERE on the Nexus. Moreover, do you actually believe that modders get it on with people who request mods?

Q: Well, you say they do...
A: I've also said a a grenade launcher mod was a ridiculous lingerie mod. Never trust anything I say. Ever.

Q: Don't you think you're going to regret saying all that?
A: Probably.

Q: Your descriptions just get worse and worse. They scare people away from downloading the mod.
A: No, me attaching a screenshot of a potion with witcher semen and nord pubic hairs in it scares people away from downloading mods.

A: Right here.

Q: Are you serious? You advertised two other mods in one FAQ?
A: Be sure to try out my chainmail and scale armors, too!

Q: Honestly, your descriptions used to be pretty funny, but now they're just a half-assed attempt at trying to get more people to download the mod.
A: They USED to be funny? I wrote an entire paragraph about not being able to bang Veronica in New Vegas back in October 2016, then a paragraph-long Terminal Lance reference in December. I think I've gotten a little bit better.

Q: WHAT THE FUCK?! Two more advertisements?
A: I'm trying to see how many I can cram into this. Your just giving me opportunities now by bringing it up. So try out the best Fallout 4 mod ever.

Q: Why are you such a fucking pervert? What happened to you? This has to stem from a single, traumatic event.
A: I've used New Vegas GECK a few times. That's a traumatic event.

Q: Will you ever release a mod with a more professional description?
A: I mean, Immersive Boomstick doesn't have an FAQ, and I didn't start ending FAQs with memes until the Diamond City Guards mod.

Q: Speaking of which, that ending FAQs with memes thing? It's fucking stupid. Your just taking other people's jokes.
A: You think I care? Yes, I know I used GamerPoop twice in a row, but then again, more views for Mans1ay3r.

My other mods which you should totally get because your Bethesda experience won't be as good without them.

If it's not apparent, all my FAQs and mod descriptions are written for the sake of humor.
If one of them offends you, I'm sorry.
I'm also sorry to say that you, and you alone taking offense from it will not give me cause to change the description.