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Warning: Since these horses will float while running, you may or may not kill your horse while riding it if you aren't using the essential edition. Bolt isn't supposed to die, but if you use Convenient Horses, then it depends on your settings.

With this mod, you can travel across Skyrim within minutes. You move so fast, you actually just fly. How do they do this, you may ask. Well, I have no idea, this mod just makes them magical I guess. The speed is (supposedly, I can't confirm it, but it's the number I entered) 655.35 times faster than the vanilla speed. It is the maximum in Creation Kit. This comes in two different versions: all vanilla horses go at sonic speed or just one new horse named Bolt which is located right next to the Whiterun Stables. You can choose to make the horses have lots of stamina (basically unlimited) or the default vanilla stamina. If your horses don't fly, then it could just be my mods. Either way, they're extremely fast.

To install, simply drag the .esp from the .rar you downloaded into your Data folder which would probably be located in Steam > steamapps > common > Skyrim > Data
For mod managers, the installation should be just a regular one without any problems. If you don't know how to install a mod using your manager, then you should ask you mod manager how to do so. If it refuses to tell you... well, guess it's just not your day.
You can combine Bolt only versions and all vanilla horses versions, but not Bolt only + stamina boost with the regular Bolt only or all vanilla horses + stamina boost with the regular all vanilla horses because the stamina boosts are standalone, not add-ons.

This mod is probably compatible with all mods that don't modify the speed (and stamina if you downloaded that version) of all the vanilla horses. Should be fully compatible with Convenient Horses, however. If you already have a mod that changes the speed (and stamina maybe) then I'd recommend only getting the Bolt only version.
If you ride a horse and find out that it is not extremely fast, then chances are that the mod for whatever reason isn't working or you're riding a horse that I didn't modify. If the mod isn't working, you might have another mod changing speed/stamina. Otherwise, the horse you are riding is from a mod or I accidentally didn't modify its speed and stamina. If this does happen and you are certain that it is not a horse from a mod, let me know so I can try to fix it.
If your game crashes while trying to ride a horse, it's probably not the mod's fault but rather some issue with your mods or your game couldn't load the area in time resulting in a crash which is more likely because those horses are extremely fast. (This can be fixed by using a mods that help prevent crashes.)
This mod is not supposed to change the cart horse speed to prevent issues, so if it does, let me know. I didn't do a whole lot of testing on this mod since I don't really have a whole lot of time and this mod was extremely easy to make. I probably spent more time making the mod page than the actual mod.