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In the harsh and inhospitable hold of the Pale, between white snow and harsh rock there sits a lonely cabin settled at the foot of the mountains south of Lake Yorgrim. Not too long ago, its owner vanished, never appearing in the market district of Windhelm where he'd usually sell on the fruits of his hunt for the week. Now it lies empty and waiting for its next master, the hearth barely cooled.

- Features -
Named, unique and non-respawning internal and external storage
Blacksmith forge, grindstone and workbench
Fully equipped kitchen
Enchanting and alchemy workbench
Custom bookcases
Small bathhouse
Fast travel map marker
Fully navmeshed

Thanks to Faceman Gaming for the youtube showcase!!!

- Installation -
Using you preferred mod manager.

- Uninstalling -
Ensure you have cleaned out all storage added by the mod.
Enter a different vanilla cell (eg: Dragonsreach), make a hard save, and exit Skyrim.
Remove the mod from your mod manager and reload Skyrim, making another hard save.

- Location -
Follow the road west of Windhelm up past Anga's Mill toward the lake, and you'll find it on the southern shore (map in images).

- Compatibility & Bugs -
Known terrain seaming issue with Skyrim Flora Overhaul, and interiors are quite dark with ENB (see screenshots).
Using ELFX improves this on the whole and makes fires etc warmer (just be sure not to use ELFX Weathers as most ENBs use their own weather system). 
These issues will be addressed in the next version of the mod.
Incompatible with any other mod that modifies that area.

- Credits & Resources - 
Thank you to these great modders who have made their resources below freely available :) 
Oaristys Modders Resource Pack
InsanitySorrow's TES Alliance Resources
Stoverjm's Open Books Library Resources
Blary's Ingredients Wall Art, BookSets, and Open Books resource
Eldiabs Modders Resource

- Screenshots Taken Using -
Tetrachromatic ENB
Skyrim 2K HD
Noble Skyrim for Small Towns and Villages
Skyrim Flora Overhaul (No Grass)
Realistic Water Two
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
aMidianBorn Book of Silence
Rustic Clothing