Unslaad English Voiced by The Skyrim Voice Alliance
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Last updated at 3:09, 9 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 3:11, 9 Aug 2017

Vicn's Unslaad, translated by Kachua, now has voices!
Requires the original Unslaad mod to run.
This mod has also been adapted to the SSE, and you can find it here.

Project was produced by The Skyrim Voice Alliance, implementation by Aelarr, and audio editing and direction by Hades.

Voice Actors
Caitlin Buckley: Aisha, Austella
Shannon Hobby: Urissa
Skinnytechboy: Kedama

Please note that there are two files - one is WAV, one is FUZ. The only difference between the two is the format of the audio file - the WAV one contains uncompressed audio files (wav), and is about 8 times bigger than the FUZ file (with the Skyrim compressed audio format).