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UPDATE: Now Available for SSE! I found out that's actually super easy to port mods to SSE. This doesn't mean I'm gonna play SSE now. Fuck that noise.

For about a year and a half, I stopped playing Skyrim altogether. Yesterday, when I came back, I realized something: Nearly all Skyrim mods are an effort to make the game more like The Witcher 3 or Minecraft. So it would be Miner... or Witchcraft. Armor and weapon mods? They usually add in witcher-style weapons. Quest mods? They go deep into lore and try to be story-rich. Mods that add buildable stuff? That's what Minecraft is. That skimpy armor mod you came here to get but got distracted by this? Yeah. The Witcher's full of that kind of stuff.

But anyway, I decided to add my own modification to make the game Witcher as fuck. Maybe with some Dragon Age too, I guess.
Now, potions are MUCH less commonly found in the world. You have to craft them yourself. The Alchemy skill is finally useful for things other than making invisibility potions to sell en masse and doing that exploit with fortify alchemy enchantments and fortify enchantment potions.
In addition, the Dragonborn is less omnipotent now - if you select the Warrior or Thief stone, all your spells will be 80% less effective, while the Mage stone will make your weapons 80% less effective.
If your a warrior or thief who wants to use magic or a mage who wants to use weapons, have no fear. Every Apothecary in Skyrim now sells potions that reverse these effects for five minutes.

I also made a version that only reduces the amount of potions in the world by request.

Q: What happens if I select a Standing Stone other than Warrior, Mage, or Thief?
A: You'll retain your debuff. It only changes when you pick a different guardian stone.

Q: Damn, this makes the game painfully hard on higher difficulties.
A: I know, right? It's so much better, if you ask me.

Q: Better? I said painfully, you crazy fuck.
A: Commander Shepard will speak for me here.

Q: Wait, what?! Shepard's a masochist? Does that mean...?
A: He gets more aroused every time he takes a round? Yup. Not surprised at all.

Q: Stay on topic, dammit.
A: Have you seen my Fallout 4 mods? Staying on topic is not my strong suit. I pride myself on this.

Q: The ingredients to the Potions of Magical and Physical Ability are disgusting and kind of lore-unfriendly.
A: Well, you're not the one milking a High Elf or jerking off a Witcher to get the ingredients. And don't complain that you have to swallow it. So many other people have swallowed those things.

Q: The whole joke with those potions is just juvenile, stupid, and unfunny.
A: I'm sorry you lost your sense of humor. I didn't make a potion for that.

Q: Sense of humor? Are you serious? Making jokes about semen, milk from sentient animals, and pubic hairs are something only a fucking kid would do.
A: Are you really still mad about this? Just drink the potion already. It doesn't taste that bad, and there are no known side-effects.

Q: I refuse to download this mod because you're an asshole.
A: Okay.

Q: Will you release this for Skyrim Special Edition?
A: Probably not. I think SSE is just silly. All it does is improve audio, graphics, and animation, which modders have been doing since 2011. Hell, the graphics in Skyrim are already satisfactory if you ask me. SSE doesn't give the Dragonborn a voice, give my Lydia a personality, make the attack animations cool, or add FO4 style settlement building, so I don't give a mouthfuck.

Q: Give the Dragonborn a VOICE? *Faints*
A: Ah, fuck, we got another one. Okay, I wasn't entirely serious when I said that, I didn't really expect Bethesda to do that, but yeah - I like voiced protagonists.

A: It's never your story. The Dragonborn gets cut, beaten, burned, electrocuted, stabbed, frozen, shot, and pushed and you say YOU did all that? He becomes a master warrior/mage/thief and you try and take the credit? That poor sonofabitch did most of the work. In all seriousness, I always felt much more immersed in Fallout 4 with its voice protagonist. Every piece of decent literature in history has a nuanced protagonist. Sure, sure, you could tell me that you have to use your imagination to make a protagonist, but do you honestly think that if a porno website was nothing but a black screen with the text "Use your imagination" on it, people would use it?

Q: You realize your going to have to debate a bunch of people who DESPISE voiced protagonists in the comments now?
A: Ah, fuck me sideways. You know what? If you hate voiced main characters, you probably LOVE New Vegas. I'm sure you do. If you haven't already, try out Someguy2000's quest mods for that game. Seriously, stop trying to argue with me because I won't change my mind and go try that out. They're really fucking good.

Q: Why are you bringing that up?
A: As a distraction. This mod, if you remember what its about, requires the player to fight smart. You need to fight smart if you want to get out of Bleak Falls Barrow on Legendary with this mod installed.

Q: There are better distractions, you know...
A: Yeah, there are. Everyone who plays as a Khajiit or Argonian is a furry motherfucker. That's better.

Q: Something something actually decent argument in favor of silent protagonists something something something Morrowind is literally the best game ever made something fuck you something something Fallout 4 was bad something something something I've played through New Vegas over 10 times.
A: Okay. Expect me to quote this if you try to argue with me in the comments. Or not. Depends on what mood I'm in.

Q: That whole monologue about voiced protagonists kind of ruined your typical hilarious rant FAQs.
A: I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you by saying "penis" next time you ask a question.

Q: Wait, what? That's just immature and unfunn-
A: Penis.

Q: Man, you REALLY get off topic.
A: I told you. 

Q: Okay, now that that clusterfuck is over, can I ask you a legit question?
A: Yeah.

Q: Do you just make mods to shit on people who you disagree with about petty things relating to games?
A: It's about 75% of the reason.

Q: Seriously, do you want to just make a clusterfuck in the comments?
A: No, but I'm impulsive and do stupid shit. Seriously, I've said some dumb fucking things in my Fallout 4 mod descriptions.

Q: Will you be making more mods for Skyrim in the near future? I know you made a lot for Fallout 4.
A: It depends. There are two I want to make - I need to learn to do retextures for one and become better at quest-making for the other.

Q: This was a long-ass FAQ...
A: I get carried away sometimes. I'll end it here.

Q: I'm not done with you. I'm still gonna argue with you about voiced protagonists.
A: Okay

If it's not apparent, all my FAQs and mod descriptions are written for the sake of humor.
If one of them offends you, I'm sorry.
I'm also sorry to say that you, and you alone taking offense from it will not give me cause to change the description.

My other mods which you should totally get because your Bethesda experience won't be as good without them.