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This mod aims to overhaul the Daedric Artifacts in the game, making them competent (because lets face it they were god-awful in the base game) while at the same time making sure they do not become overpowered. In addition to giving them a higher damage, armor rating and value, the artifacts now have unlimited charges, which doesn't seem unreasonable considering how powerful these items are meant to be.

-Dawnbreaker, Mace of Molag Bal and Volendrung given higher damage and enchantment strength
-Savior's Hide, Masque of Clavicus Vile and Ebony Mail given higher armor rating and enchantment strength
-Sanguine Rose given dramatically increased range
-Oghma Infinium now increases chosen skills by 10 rather than 5
-Ebony Blade can now absorb a maximum of 50 Health at maximum level
-Ebony Blade given higher damage
-Ring of Namira increases stamina by 100 rather than 50
-Skeleton Key can be kept after completing Darkness Returns
-Azura's Star can now hold Black souls.

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