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Adds a simplified fertility cycle which can lead to pregnancy.

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Fertility Mode supersedes Basic Pregnancy Cycle and is available here.

SSE version is available here.


In the base game you can build a family through adoptions, but cannot give birth or impregnate your spouse. This mod attempts to resolve that discrepancy by adding a fertility cycle to tracked women. They can be inseminated, get pregnant, and give birth to a Hearthfire-compatible child.


Hearthfire DLC is required.

Additional functionality is supported for those who want it (or in the case of Skyrim Special Edition, when it becomes available).

Dialogues: An optional patch adding dialogue options as an alternative method for inseminating actors. Both male and female branches are available which take into account relationship rank. This patch is currently in beta and may be expanded into a more complete romance option.

SKSE: Belly node scaling will occur if SKSE is installed. Note that the scaling will not work without a body replacement that includes a belly node and all requisite dependencies involved. Further, clothing and armors will not scale unless they too include a belly node. Without SKSE there will be no visual changes as pregnancy progresses.

SexLab: An appropriate orgasm event is hooked if SexLab is installed, which offers alternative methods for insemination.

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions: Allows birthed children to go to a custom home that has been blessed, and BPC fits within the new adoption limit of 6. Support is provided without any patches.

Flower Girls: An optional patch that allows BPC to hook into the scene events and apply insemination when appropriate.

The Kids Are Alright: An optional patch that adds support for additional child races. Episode 1 is supported without any patches.

RS Children Overhaul: Supported in the base version without any patches.


To install, simply add the mod with your favorite mod manager (recommended), or drop the extracted contents of the archive to your Skyrim Data folder.
To uninstall, remove the mod with your favorite mod manager (recommended), or delete the files from the Skyrim Data folder, scripts folder, and Source folder.

Recommended Mods

For the best experience, the following additional mods are recommended:

  • The Kids Are Alright: Replaces child models/textures and adds more children for all of the vanilla races. Basic Pregnancy Cycle is compatible out of the box for Episode 1. Patches are available for Episodes 2 and 3.
  • Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions: Expands the adoption limit from 2 to 6, and provides support for sending your children to a custom home. Basic Pregnancy Cycle is compatible out of the box.
  • Flower Girls: Adds an immersive way to have sex in Skyrim. Basic Pregnancy Cycle is currently supported for Flower Girls only in Skyrim Special Edition through an optional patch. When the 32-bit version of Flower Girls is updated with the requisite features, I'll port the patch.

Technical Details

After installing the mod, a Basic Pregnancy Cycle Configuration power will be added. Nothing else will happen until the mod is started from this power. It is recommended to configure behavior to your liking before starting the mod. Following are the configuration options:

Cycle Options

  • Sleep Insemination Chance: Sets the probability of a female player being inseminated when sleeping. Set to 0% to disable. Note that when sleeping with an appropriately gendered spouse, the insemination chance is always 100%.
  • Conception Chance: Sets the probability of any tracked woman becoming pregnant on unsafe days. Set to 0% to disallow pregnancy.
  • Sperm Quality: Sets the base quality of sperm required for conception. Conception chance and sperm quality must both be sufficiently high for conception to occur.
  • Toggle Buffs/Debuffs: Enables or disables additional effects for each stage in the cycle and during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Options

  • Duration: Sets the number of days a tracked woman will remain pregnant.
  • Baby Item: Toggles whether a baby item is received at the end of pregnancy.
  • Child Actor: Toggles whether a child actor is spawned at the end of pregnancy. Only the player or a spouse are affected.
  • NPC Child Actor: Toggles whether a child actor is spawed by NPCs at the end of pregnancy.
  • Baby Days: Sets the number of days a baby item must be nursed before becoming a child actor.
  • Belly Scale: Sets the maximum size of a pregnant belly (N x 100%). This option is SKSE-dependent.

Note: If both the baby item and child actor are enabled, a nurturing quest will be started wherein the baby is nursed into a child actor. For spouses, the quest is hidden and occurs automatically. For female players, milk will be added daily and must be consumed to feed the baby. It's possible to fail this quest and lose your child, so be vigilant.

Miscellaneous Options

  • Debug Mode: Toggles whether debug notifications are shown as BPC performs its work. Note that this may be very chatty.
  • Highlight Mode: Toggles whether tracked actors will have a brief colored highlight on their status on each polling interval. Blue=safe days, green=unsafe days, red=pregnant.
  • Inseminate NPC Spell: Adds or removes an alteration spell which forces the target actor to be inseminated. Note that it will only affect non-child women.
  • Inseminate Self Spell: Adds or removes an alteration spell which forces the player to be inseminated.
  • Status Spell: Adds or removes an alteration spell which gets a target actor's current cycle status.
  • Cheat Spell: Adds or removes a lesser power with cheat options.
  • Random Child Names: Toggles whether spawned child actors are given a random name. This option is SKSE-dependent.

Start/Reset: Starts tracking with a clean slate. If the mod is started or paused, resetting the mod will clear all tracked actors.
Pause/Unpause: When paused, all scripts will be halted, but the current status of all tracked actors will remain.
Stop: Completely stops the mod. All tracked actors (including the player) are cleared of their current status.

Only adult female actors are added to the tracking list. Upon being added to the tracking list, the actor is given a random day within the 10 day cycle. After the 10th day, the cycle repeats at day 1 if pregnancy was not achieved. During the cycle there are safe days and unsafe days. On safe days, there is a small chance of becoming pregnant. On unsafe days, the conception chance applies and there is a larger chance of becoming pregnant.

When initially inseminated, there is a 3 hour window before the conception chances apply. This window is intended to give the player time to consume a washout potion which can be crafted at any cooking pot. The washout potion will remove all active sperm, but has a small chance of failure. If not washed out, sperm has a 3 day life. Every time an actor is inseminated, the sperm life resets. Additionally, each insemination applies a sperm quality value. The higher the value, the greater the chance of conception. Multiple inseminations increase the sperm quality, so promiscuous actors are more likely to become pregnant.

After becoming pregnant, the regular cycle is paused for the duration of the pregnancy. After pregnancy ends, the cycle will start over at day 1.

Female players will additionally receive active effects noting which stage of the cycle they are on and whether they have been inseminated. These can be checked at any time from the Active Effects section of the magic menu. Optionally, buffs and debuffs may be applied depending on the stage of the cycle or pregnancy.

The child actor spawn has certain limitations. It hooks into the Hearthfire adoption system, so if the spawn succeeds, the child will behave the same as any adopted child. However, the spawn can fail for a few reasons:

  1. The player does not own a Hearthfire-compatible home with at least one free child's bed. This is the same restriction as with adoption.
  2. The player already has the maximum number of children. This is the same restriction as with adoption.
  3. The player is in the target home when trying to spawn the child. This is a technical limitation of the adoption scripts which rightly assume an adoptable child will never be in your home until after the adoption is completed.
  4. The mother must be either the player or a female spouse. No other NPCs will spawn child actors presently.

The NPC child actor spawn only occurs if the NPC is in a currently loaded cell, and the child actor will sandbox around the area where it was spawned.

If the spawn succeeds, the child will be given a random gender and race matching the mother. If the mother's race is not supported, a random supported race will be chosen for the child.

In addition to the washout potion, contraception and fertility potions can be crafted at any cookpot. These potions will decrease or increase the chance of conception, respectively, depending on the potency of the potion. The amulet of Mara and amulet of Dibella will also increase or decrease the chance of conception, respectively, when worn. The potions may be found at the local apothecary.


"Why another pregnancy mod?"

There are a few out there already, but they either did not fit my needs or were excessively heavy. The heavy part is not a huge issue, in fact BeeingFemale has been an essential mod on my list since its release, but the larger issue that prompted me to write my own was none of them have been ported to Skyrim Special Edition.

"Can NPCs get pregnant?"

Yes! Due to overwhelming feedback, NPC support was added as of version 2.0. The NPC must be tracked to become pregnant. Up to 100 NPCs can be tracked at any given time, including the player if female. NPCs are added to the tracking list when inseminated.

"I play male characters, will this mod work for me?"

Yes! The Inseminate Actor spell will add any female (non-child) actor to the tracking list and inseminate them. A female spouse will also be inseminated when you sleep in the same location with her. If you have SexLab installed, orgasm events are hooked as an alternative to the spell. Further, with the Flower Girls patch, a climax event is caught which will automatically inseminate the appropriate actor after an appropriate scene.

"What is the script load?"

Every polling interval (1 game hour), all tracked actors have their cycle updated. This is a reasonably quick process, but it could potentially conflict with script-heavy events. Otherwise no cloak spells or intense operations are performed. This mod should border between script light and script medium. To avoid conflicts, polling can be paused from the configuration menu.

"Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions support?"


"Flower Girls support?"

Yes! Support is only available for Special Edition presently.

"I get pregnant too often!"

This mod relies heavily on random numbers. Try reducing the conception chance, but keep in mind that when inseminated the conception chance is checked every in-game hour. Further, there is a small chance of getting pregnant even on safe days. If you still get pregnant too often, I'd recommend keeping a few washout potions handy and taking advantage of the 3 hour window after insemination, or use contraception potions. :)