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My two OC's were made using RaceMenu and the Ningheim race, so shout out to those authors for providing amazing mods that allowed me to make my characters. Angela (a.k.a. Gal Gadot) had been requested more than a few times so here's her release. Aldora is an OC that have made and showed off a bit on my *VERY NSFW (18+)* Tumblr, she is for the most part still a WIP. On my Tumblr I make scenes with my main OC Angelica, her face preset will not be released at the moment.

These are not followers. If you'd like them to be, I suggest using the amazing mod Familiar Faces. All the contents of this mod were made using assets from other mods. If I forget to credit someone please let me know. On that note, you all have the same creative freedom when customizing my presets. A shoutout on screenshots and maybe even followers would be awesome! :D

"Quality Content"
The first is Angela, but I named her ChaGen file Gal Gadot because of the resemblance many here had noticed. The second is Aldora, a character with a deadra-like, dark mage feel. Feel free to edit to your desire but again credits on followers and screenshots are greatly appreciated.

Ningheim Race
By far my favorite custom race on the nexus. Provides awesome textures, abilities, presets, and more. I suggest giving it a try even if you're not using my presets!

As with any face presets, you'll need other mods to make them look like the screenshots:
Race provided by: Ningheim Race (has its own requirements)
Hair provided by: KS Hairdos HDT
Skin provided by: Real Girls Realistic Body
Body (UNP) provded by yours truely: My own UUNP Bodyslide Preset (need Bodyslide & Outfit Studio)
Aldora's Warpaint: Raven's Warpaints (standalone packs)
Makeup provided by: Better Makeup for SKSE
Aldora's HornsTDN Equipable Horns
Aldora's Piercings: Facial Piercings

After downloading and installing all mods mentioned above.
Follow these steps:
1. Download my mod and place it at data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets
2. Open Skyrim using SKSE
3. Load any working save file (or start a new one)
4. Open the console
5. Type showracemenu
6. Select the Ningheim Race
7. Go to Preset tab and hit F9, look for my presets


An issue I myself have ran into is not having all the Racemenu sliders provided for vanilla races. Possible fix is changing the FACE PART slider. Let me know if there are any issues, I'll do my best to answer questions and troubleshoot, but I'm no pro modder.

Credit go to all the authors of the mods that I mentioned above!

Thank you, and enjoy!