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Lore-friendly remodel of Honeyside in Riften. Plenty of bookshelves, named storage and custom displays for all unique items.

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Riften has always felt more like "home" to me than any other city in Skyrim, so I decided to overhaul Honeyside to suit my pack-rat tendencies.  This version of Honeyside does not have a children's room- I tried to keep the size of the house realistic to the exterior, and there was really no space to cram in kids.  Also, my current character is a morally ambiguous treasure hunter who probably shouldn't be raising children.  There is room for your spouse, and (optionally) one follower.  Requires all DLC.

Please read the installation instructions before downloading, especially if you have already purchased Honeyside.

Crafting: The house contains an enchanting area, disenchanting font, cook pot, oven, alchemy station, chopping block and tanning rack.  There is no forge/smelter, but I did add a smithing supplies chest near the Riften blacksmith that is linked to a smithing chest in the house for easy access.

4 Hearthfire planting soils and a small pre-planted garden

11 bookshelves- 7 large and 4 small

Lots of storage, both custom and vanilla

A small cot for a follower that can be set up or stored away when not needed

The rugs and bed can be toggled between custom or vanilla textures.

A small bathroom with a tub for bathing mod users (the tub is not set up for followers to use- it's too small.)

Unique item displays: Some unique items, dragon claws, masks, black books, amulets, paragons and elder scrolls can be displayed on the main floor of the house.  All other unique armor and weapons, Daedric artifacts, Thieves’ Guild treasures*, hold shields and thane reward weapons can be displayed in the basement.  There are two books (one in the living room and one in the basement) that list all of the items that can be displayed.  The display activators for armor and weapons will remove any smithing upgrades and player-added enchantments when used.

The basement contains an optional second room with enough mannequins and weapon racks for all of the vanilla crafted armor and weapons.  There is a button next to the door that will toggle this room off if you don't want to use it.

There is a storage area near the basement door with containers that are linked to the containers in the basement, garden and Riften blacksmith areas so you can drop off all of your things without needing to pass through loading doors.

If you have not yet purchased Honeyside in your game: Install as normal.  When buying the house, ONLY purchase the garden and porch decorations- DO NOT purchase any interior decorations.
If you already own Honeyside:  I have not tested this mod on a game where Honeyside was already purchased, but it should work if you follow these instructions. (Obviously, make a backup save in case I'm full of crap.)  Before installing this mod, remove ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING (including yourself) from Honeyside, and send your spouse/children to live elsewhere.  If you had already purchased the children's room prior to adding this mod then the option to have your kids live in Honeyside will still be available, but DO NOT tell your kids to live there...they will not show up in the modded house, and they will be a pain to retrieve.
I've tried to keep new items in the garden and porch areas in roughly the same area as the vanilla decorations, so this should be mostly compatible with city overhaul mods.  I think Expanded Towns and Cities adds a lamp post in front of the chopping block...I can make a patch for it, but it's faster & easier to just use the console to disable either the post or the chopping block.
The interior of the house is compatible with Open Cities, but the garden area is not.  I can look into making a patch if requested.

Incompatible with Alternate Start - Live Another Life's option that begins with Honeyside being already owned.

Obviously incompatible with any mod that makes changes to the interior of Honeyside.
*Some of the Thieve's Guild treasures are not able to be collected without the use of a mod...I personally use Thieve's Guild Treasure Fix by tueffelachtein.  If you really don't want to use a mod for this, or if you are unable to obtain some of the unique items because of a game bug (or if you're just a dirty cheater) there are two hidden containers that contain a copy of all the display activator items.  To access these containers, toggle off collision in the console and walk through the basement door.

     jet4571 (for the building kit)
     skyrimlazz (for the scripts used for the gallery displays)
     jasperthegnome  (for the static-switching script and tutorial)
     XunAmarox  (for the disenchanting font script)
     TESA Skyrim Resource Kit
     CD Projekt