Esroniet Heightmap by UnboundDremora
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Added: 29/07/2017 - 06:50PM
Updated: 11/08/2017 - 02:01AM

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Last updated at 2:01, 11 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 18:50, 29 Jul 2017

Esroniet is an island east of Morrowind, between Akavir and Tamriel. The city of Black Harbor is on the island and was taken for the failed invasion of Akavir. Sheer cliffs loom the mainland, making travel nearly impossible without flying or magical means.

The map itself is 4096x4096 due to the fact that my versionĀ of the island is very boring (Just arid grasslands and a bunch of weird lion worshipers). Lore wise it is not to scale with the actual island.

You may need to regenerate the lod(Textures are pretty bad). I just needed it for reference.

-Do no use without my consent, pm for permission.
-After gaining permission it would be nice if you would provide a link here, but just crediting me is fine.
-And the most important thing...USE ON LEGENDARY EDITION ONLY, because I am creating a mod for Special Edition with this heightmap.