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~ Long ago, during the dreaded Dragon Wars there rose a hero. Blessed by Kyne with weapons forged from the heavens and the power to bend the storm itself to his will, this hero was the Thunderer. ~

Video by dptheslothking

This mod is an attempt to bring lore-friendly Thor style weapons and armour to Skyrim. With this you'll get the Sovngarde Steel set (cuirass, helmet, bracers and boots and an unenchanted hammer) and the enchanted hammer Sahrot Strun Tu ('Mighty Storm Hammer' in the dragon tongue).

Both armour and hammers are craftable only at the Skyforge and fully temperable. However you require both level 50 in Smithing and the Heart of Thunder perk to craft them. The perk also grants a boost to stamina regen and resistance to magic. Both armour and weapons show up under Aetherium at the forge.

Upon being granted the perk, you'll also recieve the Wrath of the Thunderer spell, a powerful streaming lightning spell which can also be used to ignite oil slicks. You'll also get Kyne's Fury, a devastating AoE lightning spell. As it's so powerful it can only be used once a day.

--Acquiring the Armour--
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get the items ingame. A lot of the issues people have had stem from simply not reading the instructions. So to remedy this I've laid it out as clearly as I can.

- Head up the 7000 Steps toward High Hrothgar. About two thirds of the way up you will come across a large alcove (there's usually a troll standing on top of it).

- In that alcove is a chest. Open it and you'll find a book called 'The Legend of the Thunderer'.

- Read it and you will be granted the Heart of Thunder perk and two spells; Wrath of the Thunderer and Kyne's Fury.
NOTE: You must read the book from either your inventory or the world (i.e. dropping it and reading it from the ground). Reading from the chest inventory will not grant you the perk or spells.

- Also in the chest are Aetherium ingots and void salts. Take them and head to Whiterun.

Once in Whiterun, head to the Skyforge as the items can only be crafted there. In addition to having the Heart of Thunder perk, you must also have a skill of at least 50 in Smithing in order to craft the items.

- The items can be found under the 'MISC' category. However should you have Dawnguard installed, they can be found under the 'Aetherium' category.

- By this time you will have noticed that you do not have enough Aetherium ingots to craft or temper the full set. No problem. Just head to the nearest smelter with some Void Salts, Iron ore, Corundum ore and Ectoplasm and you can smelt more.

- Happy smiting!

Also included is an optional .esp which turns your Werewolf form into a Thunderwolf. As a little bonus the Thunderwolf has an extra 20% resistance to shock. This .esp must be placed after Heart of Thunder in your load order.

Extract into your Skyrim install directory, or alternatively use the Download with Manager button and let NMM do it for you.

Delete all files pertaining to this mod, or if you used Nexus Mod Manager, let NMM do it.

Upgrading from 1.4-1.6
Simply overwrite the previous version.

IMPORTANT: Upgrading from 1.3
Unequip and remove all armour, weapons and spells and save. Exit the game and deactivate the mod. Reload the game and make a clean save. exit again and activate the new version of the mod.

Currently incompatible with SkyRe.

The helmet is incompatible with custom hair mods such as Apachii Skyhair. Your character will appear bald while wearing it.

[NOTE] As I do not personally use SkyRe, this mod wasn't made with compatability in mind.
If anyone wishes to make a compatability patch for SkyRe and upload it to the Nexus, you are most welcome to. If so, please inform me so that I can add it to this page.

Known Issues or Bugs
The book script works when reading from either the player inventory or the world. For whatever reason it won't run when reading from the chest inventory.

Sometimes the book may not grant you the perk. To remedy this simply download the Loose Files version from the file section.

1.8 - Fixed erroneous operator reference in hammer recipies preventing them from showing up in the crafting menu if the player had 50 or greater in smithing.

1.7 - Fixed tempering recipies. Added outfits so you are able to benefit from certain armour perks.

1.6 - Fixed damage issue with Wrath of the Thunderer spell
- All Sovengarde Steel items now have their own crafting category; Aetherium. Compatible with Dawnguard.
- Added extra Void Salts to chest.

1.5 - Added missing script preventing players from aquiring the Heart of Thunder perk

1.4 - Male armour redesigned again. Both heavy and sleeveless light versions.
- Added 'Kyne's Fury' Power.
- Craftable unenchanted version of the hammer.
- Removed 'Advanced Armors' requirement, but still need 50 in Smithing.
- Optional Thunderwolf form.

1.3a - Hotfix. .esp only. Fixes Killmove glitch.

1.3 - Redesigned the armour from scratch
- Fixed tempering recipe for hammer.
- Added helmet (fully temperable)
- Added 'The Legend of the Thunderer' book to Abandoned chest.
- Made armour and hammer craftable only at the Skyforge.
- Added custom loading screen.
- Added new explosion and shockwave effect to hammer enchantment.
- Added new visuals and sounds to Wrath of the Thunderer spell.

1.2 - Fixed the armour value for the bracers.
- Added female versions of the armour.
- Tweaked textures on the male armour.
- Added Heart of Thunder perk
- Added Wrath of the Thunderer spell

1.1 - Fixed boots and bracers not displaying on mannequins.
- Fixed Aetherium ingots not appearing in the inventory
- Hammer now features a custom magic effect.
- Added Marius Carvain's Journal to the chest.

1.0 - Initial release.

Send me a PM via Nexus

Textures, esp - OminousVoice

Many thanks to Ghosu for allowing use of his Mjollnir mesh in this pack.

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You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. I would also like
to know what mods are including my work.