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Adds Animals to Farms

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  • Spanish

More Village Animals is now divided into 3 ESP for better
Compatibility with other Mods and i have reworked all
places. Read the Installation how to update or install
More Village Animals.

Install all Main Files for a complete Experience!

What is it?
MVABasic: Covers mostly Vanilla Areas for Compatibility.
MVAIvarstead (optional): Another area with Farm Life, Chickens and so on.
MVARorikstead (optional): A ner Area, Horse Stable near Frostfruitinn and Chickens.

1) If you have installed my older version uninstall it with
your Mod Organizer or NMM or delete manually in your
Data Folder the File : morevillageanimals.esp.
This is important beacause the File Name changed!

2) Install the new main File (MVABasic.esp)

3) Install More Village Animals Ivarstead, Rorikstead Extended.

4) If another Town Mod conflicts and uses the places of the
2 optional Mods, you can deactivate the way you want.

NOTE: the 2 Optional Files have the Basic Main File not included,
install it!

Translation in English
MVABasic, MVARorikstead, MVAIvarstead
More Idle Markers for Chicken, Cows, Goats
Correct assigned Ownership for all Animals
More decoration and Vegetation for immsersive existing Farms
Rorikstead Cows in Vanilla hadnt Ownership, i corrected it
Rorikstead Chickens in Vanilla without Ownership, corrected
Falkreath Cow in Vanilla hadnt Ownership, corrected

Reworked Places:
Riverwood:Gerdurs House
Riverwood:Faendals House
Whiterun:Chillfurrow Farm
Whiterun:Battleborn Farm
Whiterun:Loreius Farm
Rorikstead:Frostfruit Inn
Rorikstead:Lemkils Farm
Rorikstead:Cowflop Farm
Falkreath:Lods House
Karthwasten:Emmons House
Ivarstead:Vilemyr Inn
Ivarstead:Klimmeks House
Ivarstead:Fellstar Farm
Dragon Bridge:Lumber Camp
Dragon Bridge:Horgeir House
Angas Mill:Aeris House
Angas Mill:Common House
Windhelm:Brandy Mug Farm
Rifton:Sarethi Farm
Rifton:Snow-Shod Farm
Rifton:Merryfair Farm
Markath:Salvius Farm
Dawnstar:Ignirs House
Dawnstar:Windpeak Inn

Fully Compatible:
Birds of Skyrim
Enhanced Cities from Matthieu6839
Towns and Villages Enhanced

Highly recommended Tools:

I recommend you highly the awesome "Mod Organizer" for absolute Control over your Mods and a clean Data dir.
The best way for modding and organizing Mods. Characters can be saved into profiles, mods are installed separatly of Data Dir and can be uninstall very easy and clean! And the best, u can just copy your Mod Organizer Folder without Installation for Backup and Paste it back like the Data Folder itself including all your Configuration inis, Saves etc.



Try it you will love it, there is no better way for organizing mods and avoid conflicting!

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