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It is finally here. Immersive Stables 2.0 adds new stables to the stable-less cities and villages.

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Cutting Room Floor Pach found here:

From the original mod page:

It was a late, cold night that I had rode up to Nightgate Inn..Hungry and tired. I was needing a warm place to rest my head, but there was a terrible blizzard outside that my horse would be forced to stand in! This is where the idea came from. 

This is just a small mod that adds different stables behind the inns of all the smaller cities (Sleeping Giant Inn, Braidwood Inn, Deadman's Drink, Four Shield's Tavern, Moorside Inn, Windpeak Inn, Vilemyr Inn, Frostfruit Inn, and the Frozen Hearth) and to the two random inns on the map as well (Nightgate Inn and Old Hroldan Inn).

This mod is perfect for players that use Frostfall or a realistic needs mod or for people who just enjoy roleplaying in the game! Immersive Stables adds realistic and unique stables behind inns just as there would be in medieval times. For realism, Skyrim definitely lacked certain things. And to me, leaving your horse outside in the rain, cold, snow, or whatever just wasn't very... realistic. The civilians of Skyrim talk about the cold and losing loved ones to the icy bite it leaves behind, so wouldn't that also include animals?

As of right now, the stables are all free to use. Many medieval inns didn't charge for stable use, just the rooms and food. The stables are all located on the backside of the inns and most have plenty of room. The colder the climate, the warmer the stables look. So if you're needing a place to sleep for the night and you're near an inn, don't forget to put your horse safely in the stables out back! 

So, what does this mod do exactly? 

Immersive Stables 2.0 (IS2) adds stables around the inns of the following towns/villages:

Nightgate Inn
Old Hroldan Inn

-Also adds static clutter such as - buckets, barrels, shovels, pitchforks, horse troughs, crates, and hay. Nice and immersive...
The stables do not cost anything to use and as of right now only provide shelter. I would like to eventually add stable hands that can be paid to tend to your horses need which in turn gives your horse a boost. 

's to come? 

- Stable hands
- Better vanilla stables
- Better Hearthfire stables
- Patches

Will possibly conflict with any mod that alters those cities/villages. Please report all conflicts and if possible a patch will be made.

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