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About this mod

A re-texture mod for the Dragon Priest masks.

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Made it to the Hot Files Thank You Everyone

Skyrim Special Edition Version

What does this Mod do?

4K D.P.M.I is a re-texture mod for the 10 Dragon Priest masks outside
the Dragonborn DLC. Each mask has a design suited to the ingot used for
the upgrade at the work bench. As a result the textures now correlate
better with vanilla armors of a similar type.

What does this Mod not do?
At the moment this mod does not change the enchantments or armor type
of any of the Dragon Priest masks. Currently I want to make the masks as
compatible as possible and I have only touched the textures.

Install with NMM or extract in Data folder.

Mods used for screen shots:
aMidianBorn Book of Silence

Thank you for all downloads and endorsements.