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Hotfiles! Thanks everyone! 7-28-17

Soon after Kiri was born, her parents were killed in the 'War of the Argonians' trying to defend the ports of Oeax from an

attempted takeover to gain control of the moonsugar shipments which was illegal in Tamriel, and was raised by relatives.

When Kiri was ten years old, she followed some other girls that snuck aboard a ship bound for Skyrim not really

knowing where she was going.

After landing in Windhelm, all the girls left the ship and scattered. Kiri tried to follow but couldn't keep up with

them only to find herself lost somewhere in the city.

A kind young couple found her during a visit to relatives and invited her to their home high up in the mountains

overlooking Whiterun.

Two years later, bandits discovered the home and attacked, killing both foster parents and raided the home of many goods

while Kiri slept.

Kiri was again an orphan and all alone, left with an empty heart, resentful, and hurt. The only parents she really ever knew were gone

and Kiri felt there was no reason to live. She went up to the highest platform above the pool and contemplated


She threw her teddy bear down and it fell on the rocks below, then Kiri jumped off the diving board, but she fell in the

pool of water below instead. With so much anger, she grabbed her teddy bear and jumped off the cliff overlooking

Whiterun but a strong wind blew her back up and again she landed in the pool. Dazed, confused, and feeling very

hungry, Kiri decided to leave, crying. Found by some mercenaries along the way and fed a good meal, was then safely

escorted to Riverwood.

She really needs a good home and someone to love.

"I'll be the best daughter ever"

She can be found wandering in Riverwood around the Sleeping Giant Inn hoping someone will be kind enough to adopt her.
Should look lore friendly with simple farm clothes.

Requirements: Hearthfires DLC
Recommended: Size does matter

Credits: Mikan eyes, SG hairpackAIO, Caliente's CBBE body, Monli race.

Kiri of Oeax is exclusive to me and you are not allowed to upload, translate, or port this mod on the internet.